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Car leasing FAQs

What is car leasing?

Car leasing is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of driving a brand-new car without committing to a full purchase. It’s like a long-term car rental. You benefit from a full manufacturer warranty, road tax and a brand-new car for a fixed amount every month.

Vehicle leasing is flexible, and generally range from two to four years. To start, choose your car, agree on how long you'll lease it, and make monthly payments until the lease ends.

You can choose to add things like maintenance packages to your lease, and at the end of your contract, you simply hand the car back providing you with the ability to simply walk away, or upgrade to a newer, better vehicle.

What are the benefits of car leasing?

Whether you’re after a short-term lease or want to fix your monthly costs for 48 months, leasing offers numerous benefits.

New vehicles are one of the fastest depreciating items you can own, with a huge chunk of value disappearing over the first three years of ownership. With leasing, that’s something you don’t have to worry about. Your monthly payment isn’t a loan, which means you aren’t paying interest. This makes lease payments cheaper than other forms of car finance, and your fixed monthly payments are simply “paying off” the depreciation.

Leasing also gives you flexibility you won’t find with other types of car finance. For starters, you don’t have a hefty deposit to pay. You simply pay an initial rental, which is made up of a number of your monthly payments (usually 1, 3, 6 or 9 months). The more you pay upfront, the less your monthly rental payments will be.

Leasing means you don’t have the hassle of selling a vehicle when you want to upgrade. At the end of your lease, you hand the car back to the lease provider and upgrade into a fresh car.

How does the car leasing process work?

Car leasing couldn’t be simpler, especially if you use Choose the car you’d like and use our filters to select the appropriate annual mileage, contract length and initial payment. Once you’ve filtered the deals and found one you like, make an enquiry to one of our partners.

They’ll then walk you through the process of ordering your car. The lease company will need to carry out a credit check and confirm your identity. Once this is completed, you sign your documents and can sit back and wait for your car to be delivered. Our step-by-step guide to leasing has further info on how it all works.

What's the mileage allowance for a lease car?

Yes, like all forms of car finance you’ll have a mileage allowance. Leasing allows you to choose this at the beginning of your contract, with flexible options ranging from 5,0000 miles per year up to 30,000 and beyond.

The more miles you do, the more a vehicle will depreciate, which is why lease deals with higher mileage allowances usually have higher monthly payments. Our mileage guide gives you a better insight into how you should calculate mileage for your lease deal.

Why should you lease a car instead of buy?

Weighing up leasing vs buying can be tricky, but if you want to pay the least amount possible for the very best price, then you should lease a car instead of buying it. With no interest to pay and lower upfront costs, leasing a car is significantly more cost-effective than using personal contract purchase (PCP).

By handing the car back, you also don’t have the worry about paying a final balloon payment which makes up a large chunk of a PCP contract. Our own research shows most people don’t pay the balloon payment and hand their car back anyway. This means they have effectively leased the vehicle, but for a much higher monthly cost.

What credit score do you need for car leasing?

Your finance score is taken into account when you apply for a lease deal, and you’ll usually need a good credit score to secure the best prices. You can read more about how lease companies check your credit history in our full credit score guide.

Will you receive servicing with your lease car?

You’ll still need to get your car serviced, but many of our partners will be able to add a maintenance package to your lease contract. Our handy maintenance guide explains what is and what isn’t included in most packages to help you work out whether one would work for you.

Does insurance come with your lease car?

Insurance is not typically included on personal and business lease deals. You must arrange car insurance as you would for any other car. You’ll also need to tell the insurance company that the vehicle is leased, but this won’t affect the quotes you receive. Our lease car insurance guide has plenty of further facts and info.

Does road tax and MOT come with your lease car?

Your lease vehicle includes road tax (VED) for the duration of the contract, and MOTs are only required for vehicles older than three years (the age of the vehicle starting from the date of its registration).

Unless your lease agreement is for three years or longer, then legally you don’t need to worry about an MOT either. Our helpful guide explains exactly what’s included in a lease deal.

How will your lease car be delivered?

Your lease car can usually be delivered free of charge to your home or workplace. If vehicles are in stock, then it will usually be delivered within a matter of weeks. If your car is not in stock or is a factory order, it can take longer depending on where the vehicle is in the supply chain.

Who owns the lease car?

In almost all cases, the lease company will be the registered keeper of the vehicle for the duration of the contract. Please remember that the finance provider is not; it is the company you make your monthly payments to and will be clearly stated within your lease documents. For more helpful info, here’s our full guide about who owns a lease car.

What happens when your lease agreement has expired?

A few weeks before your contract ends, the lease company will be in touch to arrange collection. You’ll be able to find the exact procedure for the collection of lease car within your contract. The lease company will not expect the car to be factory fresh, but it’s worth cleaning it beforehand. The collection agent will use the BVRLA’s fair wear and tear guidelines to ensure the car is in an acceptable condition upon collection.

What to do if your your lease car breaks down?

Should the worse happen, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all new lease cars will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for at least three years. In most cases, this warranty will include some form of breakdown cover lasting between one and five years.

What happens if your lease car is involved in an accident or crash?

It’s important to inform your insurance company and the leasing company that you’ve been involved in an accident. If your lease car can be repaired, the leasing company will be able to advise further. Any payment resulting from an accident in a lease car will be sent to the lease company.

Can you terminate your lease agreement early?

Cancelling a car lease early is possible, but it can sometimes result in an early termination charge depending on how long you have left on your contract. There is no standard fee though, so some providers might expect you to pay more or less. All the details can be found within your lease contract documents.

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