Video review: Volkswagen Golf GTE

Fast and exciting to drive, cheap to run and of-the-moment, the Volkswagen Golf GTE proves itself to be one of the best plug-in hybrids available.

While the Volkswagen Golf remains the most enquired for car on, the GTE has seen a rapid rise in enquiries in 2017 and now accounts for 25% of all Golf enquiries on the site.

For comparisons sake, that sat at about 10% when we attended the VW Golf launch in March. What’s the reason for this rapid rise to prominence in 2017 and is at as good as the Golf GTI or R? Watch the review to find out…


Things you will see in this video review:

  • Attainable real-world MPG figures
  • Outside charging 
  • An in-depth overview of Car-Net
  • A demonstration of the hilarious-yet-not-accurate electronic engine noise
  • A woeful laugh to tie in with the Golf GTE’s advertising campaign


Enjoy the drive!

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