Don’t try this at home: Top five Kiki challenge fails

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Author: | Updated: 23 Oct 2019 09:04

If you’ve been on Twitter over the past few weeks, chances are you’ll know about the latest viral trend that’s sweeping the world. Yep, we’re talking about the “Kiki Challenge”.

It all started when comedian Shiggy was filmed dancing to Drake’s latest hit In My Feelings in the street. Since then, celebs Will Smith and Ciara have joined in the trend, but none of them have done anything as stupid as leaving a driverless vehicle in motion.

Kiki challenge top fails

The thing is, it would now appear to have evolved into just that. Several videos have been doing the rounds on social media of people attempting to get out of a car and bust some moves with the car still moving. Sound a little weird? It is, and it’s also rather dangerous, as the clips below can attest.

In fact, police in Spain, India, America, Malaysia and the UAE have now warned people that attempt the challenge could face criminal charges.

So don’t do it. It’s daft, dangerous, and downright illegal. Here’s five of the biggest fails…

5. Pole dancing

Although stepping out of a moving vehicle with no one behind the wheel is a stupidly dangerous thing to do, it wasn’t this guy’s biggest issue. No, that would be the massive pole he manages to miss.

4. Window wally

At least this time there’s someone in the driver’s seat, although whoever it is doesn’t seem to be a massive fan of the Kiki challenge. At least the window was open.

3. Slippery slope

Note: Don’t attempt the Kiki challenge on a slippery downhill slope wearing sandals. In fact, don’t try it at all.

2. Kiki finders keepers

It was all going so well in this one, right up to the moment she dropped her bag.

1. Fake fail

Turns out you don’t even need a car to ensure you make an idiot of yourself attempting the Kiki challenge. At least he’s playing it safe, although a back drop with an actual road might have had a slightly better effect.

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