Reborn Lamborghini Countach hits the road

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Author: | Updated: 26 Jan 2022 12:16

Say hello to the new 2022 Lamborghini Countach. Yes, you read that right – the ferocious supercar of the 1970s and 1980s is making a return – and it’s been snapped on the road for the first time.

Featuring hybrid V12 power and a truly retro look, here’s everything you need to know about this fabulous upcoming model.

Countach 1

Lamborghini Countach: five fast facts

  • Retro styling is throwback to the famous Countach of the 70s
  • Just 112 are set to make it into production
  • A V12 hybrid powertrain produces over 800hp
  • 0-62mph takes less than 3 seconds
  • 207 mph top speed

Countach 2

Lamborghini Countach exterior

Is there a more iconic supercar than the original Lamborghini Countach? We can’t think of any equivalent that symbolises 70s exotica quite like the Lambo. And now the company has used the look to directly inspire the next generation of Countach.

The famous wedge styling is evident from the off and, despite the new Countach being significantly beefier than the early ‘Periscope’ Countach of the 70s, it’s instantly recognisable to those in the know. The pictures reveal this is the variant it has used for its inspiration, rather than the wide-body rear-wing 1980s car.

Lamborghini Countach 2021 top 1

And that’s no bad thing; the lines are crisp, the front end looks perfect, although there are now much larger and more modern-looking air intakes. Plus there’s no pop-up headlights on this one either, but that certainly doesn’t take away from its look.

The obligatory scissor doors are present to the side, where you’ll find more higly stylised air intakes – the largest of which is a huge scoop in the door that extends to the rear section of the body – no doubt functional to help keep that huge engine cool.

The back instantly marks it out as a Lambo – partly due to the badges, but mainly due to the slim LED tail lights and four huge tail pipes.

Lamborghini 2021 interior

Lamborghini Countach interior

Despite the throwback styling, the interior makes it immediately apparent this is a supercar fit for 2021. The Countach takes direct inspiration from the special-order Sian on the inside, where you’ll find exquisitely stitched leather upholstery and a host of tech.

The leather has actually been stitched in a geometric pattern, something Lamborghini says pays homage to the angular shape of the original Countach.

The driver gets a digital instrument panel, while the central 8.3in touchscreen infotainment system is bespoke to the car. As you’d expect, it features the latest tech including smartphone mirroring. It even has a function that will tell you all about the Countach’s history.

Lamborghini Countach 2021 interior 2

Lamborghini Countach drivetrain

All models will feature a 6.5-litre V12 petrol engine that produces a whopping 814hp – that means a 0-62mph time of 2.8 seconds and a 207-mph top speed.

While the petrol engine itself produces 780hp, the remaining 34 comes courtesy of the electric motor which makes up part of the super-capacitor hybrid system. This type of hybrid can charge extremely quickly, and more importantly in the Countach’s case, are lighter in weight than other options.

Underneath you’ll find that the Countach features a high-tech carbon fibre frame. In fact so much lightweight material is used that the car weighs just 1,595kg.

Lamborghini Countach rear 2021

Lamborghini Countach price and release date

It’s already been confirmed that just 112 units will be manufactured. If it hasn’t sold out already, then we’re sure it soon will.

What’s not confirmed is the price, but you can expect it to be rather expensive. The Sian, for example, had a list price of more than £2.5m. We reckon the Countach could even stretch up to £3m.

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