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Author: | Updated: 18 Dec 2018 16:26

It’s not exactly been what you’d call a quiet year on the old news front. Between Brexit and Trump, there hasn’t been much room on the front pages for anything else, beside a bit of diesel demonisation. Have you been keeping up with what’s been going on?

Well, you can put your knowledge to the test in our Monster Motoring Quiz of the Year 2018. We’ve covered the key new models, got some guessing games, video reviewer Howard Ritchie’s motoring mishaps, Top Gear teasers and more.

Reckon you can get 20 out of 20?’s Monster Motoring Quiz of the Year 2018

If you don’t get them all right, we’ve gone into more detail in our answer section at the end. But no cheating on the test please, there’s been enough of that in the motoring world (cough, cough).

Put your knowledge to the test…

The answers…

Range Rover Evoque 2019 side (1)

1. Trick question to start… It’s not the Velar, despite those recessed pop-out door handles. It’s the all-new Evoque, which borrows heavily from the larger car in terms of style and tech. Check it out here.

2. Paddy McGuiness and Freddie Flintoff are set to join Chris Harris in the next season, but we recently looked back at some Top Gear presenters that time forgot. The odd one out here? It’s BTCC driver Jason Plato.

3. He’s had a few mishaps with those prized press cars as it happens, but his closest call came when he was attempting to demonstrate the impressive stopping power of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Check out our video reviews here.

4. Skoda already has a hatchback in the shape of the Octavia, but it’s going after a different audience with its new Scala by offering a true rival to the Golf – unlike the ageing Rapid it replaces. Check the Scala out here.

Ford Focus front side

5. It’s the definitive fun-to-drive hatchback. It’s got to be all things to all people. It’s the… Ford Focus of course! Here’s our review.

6. There’s been an explosion in super-luxury super-fast SUVs of late, with premium brands cashing in on the action. All four of these cost upwards of £130,000, but as you might expect it’s the palatial Rolls-Royce Cullinan that costs most – £250,000 to be precise.

Audi A1 Sportback

7. If you couldn’t immediately tell by the tell-tale hexagonal grille, it’s the all-new Audi A1. Deliveries commence in the new year, but you can order one right now.

8. During a trial by Thames Valley Police in September, Motorists were required to read a number plate at 20 metres (65ft) – the current minimum legal requirement. Those that failed immediately lost their licences.

9. Mazda claims its Skyactiv-X engine tech is capable of saving internal combustion in the face of the ever-growing EV market – for now at least. The petrol engine in the new 3 gets a 30% efficiency boost.

Renault Arkana on the road

10. Nope. It’s not German, it is in fact a French car. The Renault Arkana won’t be coming to the UK, but it hopes to make a splash in Russia where it’ll offer a more affordable alternative to the BMW X6 and other German coupe-cum-SUVs.

11. The market is awash with EVs, with several set to launch over the next year or so. However, it’s the Tesla Model 3 that stays on top – in the range stakes at least. According to newly released WLTP figures, it’s capable of 338 miles between charges.


12. BMW’s iconic kidney grille features on all its cars, but this elongated version belongs on the behemoth X7.

13. The cutesy Suzuki Jimny is proving popular around the globe, and despite the Japanese company only able to stretch to 2,000 UK deliveries per year, more than 4,500 have registered their interest. That’s a seriously long lead time…

A8 new nomenclature 3

14. The Audi A8 features one of the most advanced infotainment systems going. Virtual Cockpit comes as standard, while a 10.1in touchscreen is joined by a smaller unit that controls the climate. It’s set to feature on other Audis too, most notably the new Q8.

15. Another trick question… Whichever one you went for, all these iconic cars are celebrating their 70th birthday this year.

16. Audi’s e-tron will no doubt be a popular car and is certainly worthy of taking on the Jaguar I-Pace when it arrives next year. It’s available with cameras in place of door mirrors – something that helps reduce drag.

17. It was probably the last thing on her mind, but if there was ever a visual metaphor for Theresa May’s last few months, it was probably watching her attempting to exit an S-Class on her way to a crunch meeting with EU officials.

BMW 8 Series CI

18. The new 8 Series oozes cool, but not quite as much as the original that was launched back in 1990. Check out those pop-up headlights.

19. How do you make a Civic Type R even more insane? Don it with a pick-up body of course – which is just what the Synchro Motorsport team at Honda’s Swindon plant did earlier this year.

Honda Civic Type R pick-up truck

20. These are all massively popular lease vehicles, but it’s the same story as last year – the Volkswagen Golf still reigns supreme when it comes to personal contract hire. Let’s see if it can stand another year at the top.

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