Paris Motor Show 2016: Live Blog

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Welcome to the Paris Motor Show 2016 live blog. We’ll be updating this page regularly with all the latest new car news from one of the biggest events in the automotive calendar.

Paris Motor Show 2016: Live Blog

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16:32 – Things are winding down

With the major unveilings over, we’ll be signing off shortly. However, if you want more info on the key cars that have debuted, fear not, as we’ve been busy with that too…

Land Rover Discovery 5: arguably the star of the show, and certainly the most versatile, here’s all you need to know…

Nissan Micra: Could this all-new fifth generation be a game changer for the supermini market?

Honda Civic: it’s been a best-seller the world over, and this British built 10th generation should continue that trend…

Volkswagen I.D: this all-electric concept car could eventually become one of the most popular cars in the world…

Audi Q5: Sharp lines and a new range of engines bring this classy crossover bang up to date…

Mercedes EQ: yet another significant EV that could be the first model in a future sub-brand…

16:07 – New look for Peugeot SUVs

At last, it appears Peugeot has finally discovered the formula for a decent SUV. Its stand this year is dominated by the new 3008 and 5008. As you’d expect, the smaller five-seat SUV is marketed as such, while the larger car can be described as an MPV thanks to its seven seats.

peugeot 3008 five seats

The stodgy looks of Peugeot people carriers of old is most definitely gone though. In fact, those good looks and commodious interior makes the 5008 a perfect Kodiaq alternative. Which would you choose?

peugeot 5008 seven seats

15:28 – Blast from the past

All’s calm following the automotive deluge of the last few hours. So, while we were waiting for something interesting to happen, we stumbled on some footage from a prior Paris Show – 1966’s Mondial d’Automobile to be exact. Here’s what you would have seen on display 50 years ago…

15:00 – Hyundai’s new i30 and RN take a bow

Here it is, Hyundai’s centre piece for 2017 – the new i30. This Focus-sized hatchback gets new engines, the latest connectivity tech and active safety features. It’s also had a sizeable nip and tuck session, so it looks as fresh as it feels to drive.

hyundaii30l1 (1)

In honesty though, we’re more interested in its latest RN concept that’s also on show. It is based on the new i30 after all. It just adds a turbo charged 2.0-litre engine that produces around 375bhp, a four-wheel-drive system, and a transmission fit for a rally car.

More bonkers than the actual car is perhaps the fact Hyundai has employed an actual rally driver to showcase the new model, instead of several scantily clad models. And this is a Motor Show – What ever next?!

Hyundai RN rally concept

14:19 – Renault adds Koleos and reviews Zoe

Renault entered the SUV market a bit late with the Kadjar, but it’s been a hugely popular model. It will be hoping its new upmarket SUV, the Koleos will find similar success. From the front, it gets the same look as the new Megane which, considering its size, works rather well. Despite its bulk though, it only gets five seats. It should be in UK showrooms by summer 2017…


Hot on the heels of Opel’s new Ampera-e (which won’t be coming to the UK), Renault has updated its Zoe (which happily is coming to the UK). The refreshed look isn’t all that’s new – it now has a range of up to 250 miles. That’s exactly the same as the new Ampera!


13:49 – New Porsche hybrid hints at electric future

It might still be a few years away, but Porsche has recently confirmed its intentions to produce an all-electric saloon. The so-called Mission E won’t be available until 2020 at the earliest, but it’s just unveiled a new e-Hybrid version of its Panamera saloon. Visually, it looks very similar to the latest 911, and that’s no bad thing.

Just like a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the new E Hybrid gets an electric range of around 31 miles. Unlike the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, this green machine has a fire-breathing 455bhp V6.

13:22 – More from Audi…

It’s not all about the crossovers and SUVs after all. Audi has also unveiled its new hyper-hatch RS 3. The 2.5-litre turbo charged engine produces a whopping 398bhp! as a result, its 0-62 time is just 4.1 seconds, and unlimited it’s capable of 174mph. In the game that is hot hatch top trumps, Audi has just blown Ford’s Focus RS out the water…


13:10 – Queuing up for a look at the new Q5

Right on cue, the Audi Q5 has been revealed. It looks sharper and more contemporary all round, taking lots of styling cues from its bigger Q7 sibling. Something else carried over is the tech – it get Audi’s latest MMI infotainment system and will be launched with a plethora of new and improved engines.



12:24 – Lunch! What to look out for this afternoon.

Don’t worry… we’re not all on a jolly in Paris, so no two-hour lunches and bottles of red here. If anything, this afternoon will be even more jam-packed than the morning with press conferences from Audi, Peugeot, Citroen, Hyundai to name but a few.

As a taster, here’s what we can expect from Hyundai….

12:07  Dusting off the Duster

Dacia has just unveiled an updated version of its back-to-basics Duster. Truth be told, it doesn’t look at much different (at all) from the current model, but it is now available with a Dual Clutch automatic gearbox option for the first time…

12:05 –  Too close for comfort?

This is a common sight at new model launches.  Someone’s getting a little too close and personal with the new Kodiaq – wonder who he works for?

11:54 – Another SUV from Seat

Just months after launching its first ever SUV, Seat has confirmed plans for a smaller Ibiza-based crossover this morning. If the Ateca is anything to go by, it should be on to a winner.

11:48 – BMW Press conference

BMW Group’s press conference has begun and we reckon it will be focusing on its X2 concept. That’s right – yet another crossover and, should it make it into production, will be up against the Audi Q2 and Mercedes GLE…

Low slung and sharp, the X2 could actually make it into production...

11:38 – Suzukis old and new

After nearly a ten year break, Suzuki has just confirmed it’ll be bringing its cute Ignis crossover back to UK shores. It’s certainly no Range Rover, but this teeny car will be available with four-wheel-drive. Featuring a 0.9-litre engine, it really does hark back to the microcar Suzukis of old, but it’ll be interesting to see how UK customers will take to it…

The Ignis is on display in Paris sat next to its ancestor.

11:14 – Citroen C3… you want air bumps with that?

The upcoming C3 will take centre stage along with the CXperience concept car on Citroen’s stand this afternoon, but if you don’t like the looks of those air bumps, then good news! You’ll be able to get one without them. Which style would you pick?


10:37 – Volkswagen I.D. concept

Volkswagen’s future electric car is certain to be one of the most significant stars of this year’s show. All we know so far is it’ll be capable of up to 370 miles on one charge, and will have 168bhp.

If the Beetle and Golf are anything to go by, it’s quite possible when a production version comes to fruition, it’ll become the first mainstream electric car on the market. Watch out Tesla Model 3…

10:27 – Mercedes EQ

About 2016 being the year of the SUV… here’s another concept from Mercedes. Unveiled by CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche himself, this looks like one of the few concept cars that could actually make it into production. It’s all-electric and called the EQ, and is touted to be a future sub-brand for Merc…

10:12 – 2016… the year of the SUV?

It’s a landmark year for the SUV, with new models coming in thick and fast. We’ve already seen the new Discovery, the Kodiaq and Koleos to name but a few, but this Ssangyong Liv 2 concept is in essence the Tivoli’s replacement and it looks like it'll have seven seats. Have a bonus pic of the hi-viz Skoda, too…

09:43 – Renault TreZor Concept

We don’t know much about the TreZor yet, but this breath-taking concept car is all-electric and could give us a picture of what we can expect from Renault’s future cars. Watch this space…

09:38 – Nissan takes covers off new Micra

Undoubtedly one of the most important launches of the day, the funky new Micra is now out of the bag. We’re pleasantly surprised by the refreshing design. This really could be a car that can take on the supermini mainstream…


09:28 – Ferrari revs up the GTC4Lusso

680bhp, 208mph and room for the dog. Ferrari has just unveiled its new FF replacement, the GTC4Lusso. We’ll think you’ll agree, it’s simply a work of art...

09.00 – Honda Civic Type Grrrrrrrrr

Our own Phil Huff is in Paris and has caught a glimpse of the new Civic Type R. We think he likes the look of it. We do too. Very menacing looking.

08:35 – New Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is set to make its mark when it comes to the UK. We know quite a lot about it already, but now it’s official.

08:30 – Land Rover Discovery images leaked early

As we kick things off, the big news is that photos leaked overnight of the new Land Rover Discovery. We’ve never been the biggest fan of the orange colour that’s currently flavour of the month for press photos. And the back end of the new Disco is raising a few eyebrows too.

New Land Rover Discovery.


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