Porsche Mission E: all-electric super saloon gets 2020 go-ahead

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Author: | Updated: 03 Aug 2016 03:58

Porsche has announced it will put an all-electric super saloon into production by 2020. The ‘Mission E’ concept was first unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the production car will be the company’s first ever electric vehicle.


Porsche Mission E gets futuristic looks, but is influenced by the current range

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There’s no doubt that the Mission E looks futuristic, but the concept’s design is influenced by current Porsche models too. A slick rear end is aimed at making aerodynamics as good as possible, while the front-end and headlights are not dissimilar to the 918 hybrid hypercar. It’ll use a distinctive ‘suicide door’ layout too, allowing easy access to the rear seats.

The Mission E’s body is constructed from aluminium and steel, but carbon fibre will also be used where possible, to keep everything as light as it can be. At around 1,300mm tall, it’ll sit very low – similar to Porsche’s current saloon, the Panamera.


Mission E cabin

Now for the important stuff: The Mission E’s all-electric drivetrain will feature an 800 volt four-wheel-drive system, via two electric motors. Porsche claim its batteries will be more powerful than any currently on the market, too.

300+ mile range

All those volts mean this super saloon gets from rest to 62mph in just 3.5 seconds, but it isn’t all about straight line speed either.

Despite the huge weight that batteries and electric drive trains bring, four-wheel steering and a special traction control system will keep things just as impressive round the bends.

The car’s batteries will also allow for a 310-mile range, while it will reportedly be able to be recharged to 80% capacity in under half an hour – figures that rival the current electric car of the moment, the Tesla Model S.


Mission E will get purpose-built facilities at Porsche's Stuttgart HQ

Owned by Volkswagen, the car is part of the group’s ‘Strategy 2025’, which aims to put 30 electric vehicles on the road over next decade. Mission E will be the biggest upheaval in Porsche’s history, marking the beginning of a battery-powered era.

The project will bring £1bn of investment and create 1,400 new jobs at a specially built factory within its Stuttgart plant. Andreas Haffner, executive Porsche board member said: "With the factory for the Mission E, we will usher in a new era with new technologies.”

All-electric future?

Volkswagen Group has several other electric cars in the pipeline, with the next generation Volkswagen Phaeton saloon expected to be all-electric.

Meanwhile, Bentley (also part of Volkswagen Group),is likely to build future EVs alongside the Mission E, with an all-electric version of the EXP 10 – the Continental’s replacement – expected to be confirmed in the near future.

Are we heading towards an all-electric future?

With ever-increasing electric car uptake, the Mission E and Volkswagen’s ‘Strategy 2025’ reflect the growing dominance of EVs in the marketplace. When it comes to fruition, the Mission E will mark a new era for performance cars.

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