Skoda achieves record fleet sales for Q1 2018

Skoda has announced a record-breaking 3.9% market share for the first quarter of 2018, with 5,536 fleet vehicles registered between January and March.

The success has been primarily attributed to the expansion of its SUV range, with the seven-seat Kodiaq and five-seat Karoq proving popular with fleet operators.

Skoda achieves record fleet sales in Q1

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Skoda’s SUV registrations for true fleet increased by 4.6% over the same period last year with 471 Kodiaqs and 478 Karoqs delivered to customers. The introduction of a fleet-themed Karoq, the SE Technology, no doubt helped boost numbers too.

Henry Williams, Skoda’s head of fleet, commented: “The newly launched Karoq has played an important role helping to bolster our SUV sales and we expect it to continue to perform well for the rest of the year.”

Skoda range 2018

Elsewhere, the Skoda Octavia continues to impress business customers and retained its title as the company’s most popular vehicle. 2,249 were registered before the end of March. The remainder of true fleet sales were made up of 1,161 Superbs, 973 Fabias, 103 Rapids and 64 Citigos.

Williams said: “We’ve enjoyed a great start to the year and continue to carve out a bigger share of the market as more and more customers turn to the quality, design and reliability of the Skoda brand.”

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