New Skoda Kodiaq seven-seater SUV now available

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The Skoda Kodiaq has been gaining universal praise in the motoring press lately. At 4.7m long and featuring the largest boot in its class, the brand’s first seven-seater also wowed the crowds when it was first revealed at the Paris Motor Show.

With this in mind, the Kodiaq is shaping up to be one of the hottest cars of 2017 - and it’s now available to order.

Price and specs have been revealed for the Skoda Kodiaq SUV.

“With the Skoda Kodiaq, we are striking out in a new direction and opening up new markets,” says CEO Bernhard Maier.

“Our new addition to the Skoda model range is truly as strong as a bear: it makes the brand even more attractive thanks to its concept, striking design and as the first Skoda that has the option of always being online and thereby offering more comfort, safety and real-time information.”


Five engines

Five powertrains – two TDI and three TSI – will make up the engine range at launch and they have capacities of 1.4 and 2.0 and power output ranges from 92 kW to 140 kW. We are currently offering a selection of these to lease via the website:

The diesel and petrol engines feature turbocharged direct injection and fulfil EU6 emission standards. They all feature a Stop-Start system, brake energy recovery and a powerful thermo-management system, which help contribute to low figures of 56.5 mpg and 131 g CO2 on the entry level diesel.

The Kodiaq will also be available with a six-speed manual gearbox or DSG transmissions with six or seven speeds depending on the engine.

Skoda_Kodiaq_004 RHD

DSG transmission

The new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is making its debut in a Skoda and has been designed for powerful engines with torque of up to 600 Nm. The DSG transmission is very compact and provides quick and comfortable gear changes.

The driver can operate the seven-speed DSG in automatic mode, or control it manually using the gear lever or steering wheel paddles. In Eco mode the Kodiaq will coast at speeds above 12mph when the driver takes their foot off the accelerator.

All-wheel-drive option

The Kodiaq’s all-wheel-drive system is available for most engine variants, and delivers a big increase in traction, stability and driving safety.

The centrepiece of the all-wheel drive is an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch which works intelligently and quickly. The control unit constantly calculates the ideal driving torque for the rear axle and loss of traction is virtually eliminated.

On top of this, Skoda is making Driving Mode Select available in its large SUV as an optional extra. This will allow the driver to adjust the operation of the engine and DSG management, power steering, air conditioning and other systems in Normal, Eco, Sport and Individual modes. The all-wheel-drive versions will also offer Snow mode, which adapts the operation of the ABS, ASR and ACC (if fitted) systems to slippery road conditions.


Class-leading amounts of space

As stated, the Kodiaq will offer an exceptional amount of space. In fact with a capacity of 720 litres expanding to to 2,065 litres with the rear seats folded down it will be the largest within its class.

As the first Skoda to offer seven seats, the Kodiaq can be adapted to offer a wide range of seating and loading solutions. With the front passenger seat down, the car can transport items up to 2.9 metres long.

The latest driver assistance systems also ensure improved safety and comfort. Area View will use surround-view cameras with wide-angle lenses to displays various views of the car’s immediate surroundings including a virtual top-down view and 180-degree pictures to the front and rear.

Skoda_Kodiaq_001 RHD

Four trims

S, SE, SEL and Edition make up the trim levels, with entry-level S models featuring an infotainment system, air conditioning, leather-bound steering wheel and 17in alloy wheels. Plump for a higher spec and you’ll add bigger alloy wheels, cruise control and parking sensors.

Top-of-the-range Edition also gets luxurious extras such as leather upholstery, Lane-Keep Assist, High-beam Assist and even a wireless mobile phone charging point.

Another nifty bit of kit available is a door-edge protection system which deploy automatically when opening the car door thanks to preloaded springs – this prevents the metal edge of the door from coming into contact with a garage wall or an adjacent vehicle and when shutting the door the trim folds itself back in.

kodiaq side pan

Tow Assist is a handy feature too, and works by taking over steering when reversing slowly. In addition, the new Manoeuvre Assist will brake as soon as an obstacle is detected behind the vehicle.

Christian Strube, Skoda board member for technical development, added: “The Skoda Kodiaq offers all of our brand’s strengths: well-thought-out functionality, superior interior space and excellent value for money. The largest boot compared to the competition and the optional third row of seats alone make our new SUV the ideal companion for day-to-day demands.”

With attractive lease prices giving you a lot of car for your money, the Skoda Kodiaq could prove to be the perfect family SUV.

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