What is the ultimate driving anthem? Science thinks it has the answer. What’s yours?

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Author: | Updated: 10 Aug 2017 16:32

AC/DC? Springsteen? Maybe a bit of the XX? We all have our favourite driving songs, but now research commissioned by Ford and Spotify might have discovered the perfect driving anthem by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard.

The ultimate driving song? Brought to you by science!

Goddard consulted a neuroscientist that conducted research into the connection between sound and emotion while on the move and his track – which you can listen to here – includes all the elements a good driving song apparently needs.

The scientist found that tracks that contain a “driving” beat (whatever that is), work best. They can be happy or sad, but they definitely have to have a “driving” beat. Goddard has also put together a driving playlist for Spotify, featuring a diverse group of artists.

His new track “Momentum” actually incorporates scientific thinking into music choices, which can apparently boost driver mood for up to two hours after a morning commute according to research.

Joe Goddard and scientist Amy Belfi

Speaking about his new track, Goddard said: “I started thinking of times I’ve been driving home late from DJing gigs all over the UK.

“Listening to music in the car when there are no interruptions and you can really crank the system up – that’s when I’ve had some of my best musical experiences ever.”

But however much science has gone into the track, we’re pretty certain Goddard’s new single won’t be for everyone. As such, we want to know what your favourite driving song is. Does it change depending on your mood? Let us know!

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