Top five reasons the Seat Leon is a leasing favourite

When we were compiling our 2017 Leasing Report a few heads were scratched when we discovered that the Seat Leon had become one of the top ten most popular cars on

Not the new Seat Ibiza or the award-winning Ateca? Nope, neither of them could crack the top 17 for enquiries. So why has the Leon jumped in popularity ahead of rivals like the Ford Focus?

Top five reasons the Seat Leon is a leasing favourite

As the mid-range Leon FR Technology was the out and out leader in terms of trim enquiries, we decided to test drive one to see what all the fuss was about. And guess what? Now we want to lease one too! Here’s five reasons why…

You get a lot of car for your money

You get a lot of car for your money

Out of nearly 19,000 Seat Leon deals advertised on-site at the minute, 9,741 are for the FR trim which adds a little extra dynamic style to the Leon and is a car perfect for the sportier spirited lessee out there.

We tested the most enquired Leon trim, the 1.4 TSI Eco FR Technology 150 PS manual, which currently has an average personal lease price of £213 per month on a 6+35 10k contract. For that monthly figure you get 17in Dynamic alloy wheels, ambient interior lighting, sport seats, full LED headlights, dual-zone climate control and 8-inch infotainment with sat nav.

Not to mention the ability to adjust the power steering, throttle control and even the engine sound using Eco, Comfort and Sport modes depending on your mood.

It’s got great pedigree

It has a great pedigree

A lot is made of the Volkswagen sharing platforms across the group, but it bears repeating here as under the metal the Leon is closely related to the likes of the Audi A3, Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf.

So why wouldn’t you lease those cars instead? See the point above, but also realise that the FR Technology offers a greater mix of sporty styling and everyday practicality for the average driver out there which none of these models comparatively do. On that note…

It’s thrillingly powerful


The Leon has always been the sporty option in the Seat line-up and the FR takes that reputation and adds its own finishing touches to the mix.

With a sportier setup that encourages more enthusiastic driving, you get wider tyres and firmer suspension to add to the sportiness. Even better this is at no compromise to the ride comfort or the way it handles on roads whether you’re on the motorway or in the city. Find some twisty country lanes and the firm suspension pays dividends too as the car really comes into its own.

Add to this a max torque of 250Nm, a max speed of 134 mph, and 0-62 in a respectable eight seconds, and it’s got enough going for it to offer the kind of actually-usable everyday performance some of the sportier cars out there lack.

It’s surprisingly economical

It’s surprisingly economical

You may have looked at the above stats and thought “Okay, what’s the catch? Will I be filling up all the time then?” and the answer would be, erm, no.

The FR Technology offers a staggering 57.6mpg and emissions as low as 114g/km – numbers which are all the more impressive when you realise how hard the 1.4 TSI engine accelerates while managing to remain slick and smooth up to top speed.

Our figures weren’t too far off the official numbers either, coming in at around 50mpg with a mix of motorway and town driving.

And it’s pretty practical too!

And it’s pretty practical too!

Don’t think these impressive and useful performance figures come at the expense of the practicality most people look for in a hatchback either.

Both driver and front passenger get height-adjustable seats while back passengers have a decent amount of head and legroom which you might not expect from looking at the Leon’s exterior.

Moving to the boot, the Leon offers 380-litres with a decent amount of additional features such as hooks and storage areas on the sides, which is more than the Ford Focus. The rear seats split 60-40 to boost that to an impressive 1,210 litres of space albeit the boot lip might be the usual issue to some.

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