Top five cars for around £100 per month

There are many reasons why leasing makes a lot of sense, whether you’re after an executive saloon or a super-frugal supermini, but if your main aim is to drive a new car and keep costs to an absolute minimum, there’s a wealth of deals that enable you to get behind the wheel of a new car for around £100 per month.

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To help you out, we also had a look at five cars we’d choose – we’ve allowed ourselves a maximum budget of £125 per month. To keep things very clear, there will always also be an initial upfront payment, and the offers are based on a mileage limit. So, what exactly is available for this kind of monthly payment?

Volkswagen up!

Volkswagen up

The Volkswagen Up is a fun, compact city car that offers maximum space on a minimal footprint.

With a high degree of personalisation options, it has one of the longest wheelbases in the segment and a 251-litre boot which is also larger than than the class-norm meaning it’s a city car relatively comfortable for four adults.

With four specification levels and 999 cc three-cylinder petrol engine available in various states of tune, you’ll find few cars that offer this much kit and fun for this price.

Citroen C3


With styling lifted from the C4 Cactus, new technology such as ConnectedCam, and impressive ride quality, there’s a lot to like about the C3.

Add engaging handling, distinctive looks, and a wide variety of personalisation options into the mix and it all makes the C3 a fun lease too. And for under £125 per month, how can you resist?

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

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Compared to many rivals, the new Kia Picanto is the complete package. Okay, the price is great but many also lack the visual flair and charm of the Kia.

The engine is eager to give up its power, and that makes swift progress reasonably easy, with low-speed handling exemplary and offering a level of agility that’s lacking from many rivals.

In fact, it’s probably our favourite city car…

Fiat 500

fiat 500

It’s hard to believe the Fiat 500’s renaissance started a decade ago, but the very first versions of the reborn supermini arrived in the UK in 2007. It remains a firm favourite thanks to that retro appeal and of course some truly competitive pricing.

If you’re after a cute city car, look no further. It’s a fantastic companion in town, but it doesn’t feel out of place on the open road either, with a range of engines that are as perky as they are economical.

Smart Fortwo coupe

Smart Fortwo

Fiat 500 not small enough for you? Well try this on for size. As the only two-seater car available, Smart Fortwo is a niche vehicle that certainly has its fans.

Praised for its go-kart-like handling, this vehicle is ideal for inner-city travelling and ability to park in the pokiest of spaces. Be warned though, the incredibly firm ride and semi-automatic gearbox means venturing anywhere else in it can be a bit frustrating.

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