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Author: | Updated: 16 Aug 2019 15:19

Torrential rain, thunder, wind, an hour of sunlight, it’s safe to say this week has been a bit of a challenge on the road.

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While the weather has confused at all points this week, and made choosing what clothes to wear a bit of a minefield, some of the things we’ve learned this week have given us an equally perplexed reaction as you will see…

The government is using recycled tyres for roads


A section of road between junctions 23 to 22  of the M1 has been laid with a new asphalt mix which uses recycled tyres.

Tarmac, which developed the mix, is believed to be the first in the UK to have developed an asphalt technology which recycles tyres by adding granulated rubber to the mix.

It is estimated that up to 750 waste tyres could be used in every kilometre of road surfaced with the new material, depending on the thickness of the road. The trial on the M1 will test the durability of the road surface on the busy stretch of motorway near Leicester.

Spokesperson Martin Bolt said: “The economic and environmental potential of this new asphalt is significant and we are delighted to be working with Tarmac in this trial.”

We suppose anything’s better than the ‘tyre graveyard’ in Kuwait, which is now visible from space thanks to the seven million tyres which fill the landfill site.

An ungrateful birthday boy pushed his BMW into a river because he wanted a Jaguar

An ungrateful birthday boy pushed his BMW into a river because he wanted a Jaguar

Spare a thought for this poor 22-year old who, angered at getting a BMW for his birthday when he wanted a Jaguar, decided to push the unwanted car into a river.

In what is possibly the oddest tantrum on record, he is reported to have thought the BMW 3 Series was too small for him and his friends to travel around in compared to the Jaguar he wanted.

The unwanted gift was recovered by police and divers, while the family deny the report. Maybe he should try fitting him and his mates into a three-door Corsa like the rest of us did at his age…

Volkswagen has ripped the roof off the T-Roc

The new Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

Volkswagen revealed a cabriolet version of the T-Roc this week, with the small crossover to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show ahead of its launch in spring 2020.

Following the tradition of the Beetle and the Golf, although bringing to mind the Range Rover Evoque, the T-Roc Cabriolet will feature a classic soft top.

An experiment initially started by Range Rover with their Evoque model, could Volkswagen offering a soft-top option truly ignite a new trend where Range Rover failed? Time will tell.

Alan Partridge has swerved a driving band

Alan Partridge has swerved a driving band

Steve Coogan managed to avoid a lengthy driving ban this week after he told a court the ban would stop him filming a new series of Alan Partridge.

The actor was caught driving his Porsche at 36mph in a 30mph zone, which would have added three points to the nine already on his licence, according to Sky News.

Arguing that he would be forced to cancel a travelogue series for the BBC if he was given an automatic six-month driving ban, the actor was given three penalty points and banned from driving for two months. He was also fined £750 along with £85 in court costs and a £75 victim surcharge.

Nobody wins when two stubborn drivers come face-to-face

Nobody wins when two stubborn drivers come face-to-face

Two motorists brought a quiet road in Bruntwood to a standstill in a ludicrous road rage standoff last week.

As reported by the Warrington Guardian, Penny Lane was ground to a halt when a bus and a car came head to head. With vehicles parked up on both sides of the road, neither driver would back up to let the other through.

Motorists were stuck for around 15 minutes as the two men argued the toss before the coach driver (eventually) saw sense and reversed to let the car through.

Does the embarrassing video reach the levels of the infamous rant of Ronnie Pickering? Head over to Facebook to cast your vote.

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