The future of Volkswagen: electric SUV concept added to I.D. range

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Author: | Updated: 29 Sep 2016 13:55

The future is finally here, or that’s what you’d think if you took a look at Volkswagen’s latest concept cars; it has unveiled yet another all-electric I.D. model at the Shanghai Motor Show.

The crossover Crozz (top) joins the I.D. hatchback (below left) and I.D. Buzz MPV (below right), and gives us a further glimpse of what we can expect from all-electric Volkswagens in the future.

New Crozz concept above, Buzz concept below right, I.D. hatchback below left.

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All three models are based on the company’s latest MEB platform, driven by two electric motors. They all feature all-wheel-drive too, and will be able to adapt to future autonomous driving tech in the future.

The manufacturer first revealed the game-changing I.D. concept at the Paris Motor Show last year, and since then it has expanded the line-up to show off Volkswagen’s vision for a fully connected, all-electric future.

Crozz concept joins the I.D. range.

When I.D. models hit the market in 2020, they are likely to be available with a range of power outputs and range capabilities. Less expensive models are likely to produce around 120bhp, but lithium-ion batteries and those electric motors will give I.D. models the capability of producing up to 370bhp.

Range-wise, all I.D.s will be able to travel between 250 and 372 miles on a single charge, while a rapid-charge system allows one to be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

As for pricing up this impressive vision of the future, Volkswagen promises that I.D. prices will be in line with its current range, with the hatchback I.D. benefiting from a list price similar to that of the current Golf.

It says it will “offer a range of up to 600 kilometres and a price on the level of today’s Golf with comparable power, and make the “zero emissions” theme a natural aspect of everyday driving.”

The I.D. hatch was the first model to join Volkswagen's EV offensive.

The I.D.’s interiors are just as revolutionary as the outside suggests, and feature ‘fully digitalised’ controls and instruments, while gesture control (also seen on the the new Golf’s infotainment system), also features. In fact, Volkswagen is calling it “a smartphone on wheels”.

They are the first vehicles to showcase Volkswagen's new design language for EVs of the future, which it says is based on four central areas of innovation:

  • Smart Sustainability - Volkswagen is advancing the development of innovative high-volume electric cars
  • Automated Driving - Volkswagen is going to make cars even safer and more comfortable thanks to automated driving
  • Intuitive Usability - Volkswagen has put its focus on vehicles that are intuitive to operate and feature new display and control concepts
  • Connected Community - Volkswagen will interconnect humans, cars and the environment with a Volkswagen user identity

Volkswagen hopes I.D. models prove as iconic as some historic models, particularly the miniBUZZ...

A fun feature of the I.D. will be its ability to customise the ride experience for any driver via using their own Volkswagen I.D. This is an individual profile, in which the personal seat and air conditioning settings, the favourite radio stations and so on are saved.

This profile can be securely accessed via the cloud, enabling the I.D. to recognise the legitimate user by their smartphone and know who is about to get behind the wheel.

VW is gearing up to sell one million electric cars by 2025

In terms of size, the I.D. hatchback is slightly shorter than a Golf, but gets a wheelbase almost on a par with the Passat. This allows the same platform to make the basis for the larger Buzz and Cross I.D.s. However, both will be smaller than their current counterparts (the Tiguan and Transporter).

With the first I.D.s expected to enter production in 2020, the finished product is still some way off being revealed, but we’ll bring you more electric updates as they are announced. If you can’t wait for an electric car however, why not consider the new and improved e-Golf?

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