Warning of bogus car leasing deals on social media

If you’ve seen deals that seem too good to be true on social media, whether via targeted ads or pages you follow, chances are they are, unless they are by ContractHireAndLeasing.com that is.

Tell-tale signs often include deals which don’t require a credit check, insist you don’t need a deposit on the lease or ask you to get in touch via direct message to get the deal.

Warning of bogus leasing deals on social media from BVRLA

Whereas previously having BVRLA accreditation was one way of ensuring any leasing deal was legit and above board, scammers have recently started posing as BVRLA members on Instagram to lure in customers with poor credit ratings or no deposit saved.

If you come across this scam, report it to Action Fraud quoting the reference: NRC 1808 0249 5417

BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney commented: “We want to get the message out there that all legitimate leasing brokers adhere to Financial Conduct Authority rules and will carry out credit and affordability checks. Those who don’t, will not be legitimate traders and could be out to scam you.

BVRLA CEO Gerry Keaney table

“Their adverts can appear very convincing with some even posing as BVRLA members and citing membership numbers of legitimate members.”

The BVRLA has reported this emerging threat to the authorities and will continue to explore ways of increasing awareness to protect customers and BVRLA members.

Customers who want to check whether a leasing broker is a genuine BVRLA member are advised to contact the BVRLA directly.

As for ContractHireAndLeasing, we host the widest choice of offers from main dealers and independent brokers. We are not a broker. You don’t lease a car from ContractHireAndLeasing.com. We are also not a funder. We do not offer or arrange vehicle financing, or provide financial advice.

Our success is built on putting new car hunters in touch with advertisers who can supply the car they are looking for. It’s as simple as that. All our advertisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and advertisers must adhere to the ContractHireAndLeasing.com Code of Conduct.

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