Weekly round-up: Dyson with danger, awe inspiring Arteon, Nurburgring nullified and more

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Author: | Updated: 29 Sep 2017 16:08

Whether you get a ding in a car park, a scrape off a bollard, or a dent off a dozy dullard, even the tiniest of damage to your motor can put you in the foulest of moods.

Spare a thought then for Markus Zahn, the unlucky owner of a bright orange McLaren 650S Spider, whose prize possession sustained €5,800 worth of damage after a donkey mistook it for a giant carrot and had a bit of a munch on it.

Unable to claim compensation from the donkey owner’s insurance company as they argued he should have picked a better parking spot for his supercar, the matter went to court this week where it was decided the donkey’s owner was indeed liable for the damage. What an ass!


Perhaps the biggest news this week came from Dyson, who announced that the company has begun work on a battery electric vehicle.

With 400 engineers and individuals from the automotive industry hard at work on the endeavour, the announcement follows a £1bn investment in battery research and development last March –a sign that the company is looking to manufacture a competitive edge over the established automotive industry to make big improvements in range and charge times.

Will the end product suck? Or will it clean up the burgeoning EV market? If anyone is going to make a big leap forward in regard to this technology you’d put your money on James Dyson.

It’s all getting to feel a bit groundhog day in the wider news isn’t it? From Brexit baiting to Dotard and Rocket Man dramas, it’s enough to want to get in your car and speed away to the nearest abandoned island.

If you do feel like doing that, you might want to do it in the Porsche GT2 RS. It is the fastest road-going 911 of all time and managed to complete the gruelling Nurburgring circuit in just 6 minutes 47.3 seconds.

Not attainable? Okay, if you’re looking to spend a reasonable amount of money on a lease we can highly recommend the Volkswagen Arteon as your escape vehicle of choice.

Volkswagen Arteon SMMT

Having tested it early this week, we found Volkswagen’s flagship vehicle to be the perfect combination of muscular styling with luxury motoring, offering hushed refinement when cruising and sporty aggression at the push of the peddle.

Read our full review as well as your questions answered about this intriguing new car.

This test took place at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders event at Wetherby Racecourse, and we were busy busy busy checking out some of the latest models on offer from manufacturers.

SMMT Wetherby

Look for reviews of the new Ford Fiesta, Grandland X, Renault Koleos and more in the coming weeks.

None of these cars had a V8 engine though, and we’ve had a craving ever since we collected a list of the eight best V8 engines available.


Destined to go the way of the dinosaur when new petrol and diesel engine sales are banned from 2040, here we present to you in no particular order the top eight V8s you can lease through ContractHireAndLeasing

In the market for something that’s gonna get you through all the trials and tribulations that winter can throw at you? Well we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 4x4s too to ensure any weather or ground is dealt with safely and effectively.

Elsewhere in the news, Jaguar Land Rover are the latest manufacturer to adopt a new naming strategy for their models. Is it as confusing as Audi’s recent changes with their engine displacement badges replaced by two numbers that represent kilowatt power output?

Range Rover Velar P380

Not-so-surprisingly, it’s a bit more straightforward. The changes will be rolled out in the next few months, with the new Range Rover Velar P380 the first to adopt the new format, with logical touches such as P standing for petrol and the number being the amount of horse power the car has.

“Alexa, can you finish writing this round-up for me?”


No? Okay. One thing Alexa will be able to do soon though is help make your car journeys a little easier.

Following Seat’s announcement earlier this month that they will be the first car brand in Europe to integrate Amazon’s Alexa voice service into its vehicles, BMW and Mini have announced that from mid-2018 they will also be integrating Alexa into their models

Alexa, finish this round-up

The Alexa service will be available at the end of this year in the Seat Leon and Ateca models, and in the Ibiza, Arona and its new large SUV in 2018.

From mid-2018 Alexa will be available in all BMW and Mini vehicles in USA, UK and Germany.

Amazon Alexa will enable drivers of Seat and BMW to use voice commands to optimise their time while in their car: managing their personal schedule, finding songs, locating points of interest, real-time news or the nearest dealership, among many other functions. Just not finish articles apparently…

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