Weekly Wheelspin: Paris pizazz, the best of Bond and a green-fingered motorist comes a cropper

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Author: | Updated: 05 Oct 2018 15:32

It’s been a busy week for the news desk here at ContractHireAndLeasing.com, with the Paris Motor Show taking up most of our time over the last few days. We were there ourselves to see the manufacturers’ latest and greatest creations, but what did we see and what else has been happening?

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Well, here’s our Weekly Wheelspin of news to keep you in the know…

From Paris with Love

It’s one of the biggest automotive events of the year, and 2018 has been no exception, although after weeks of teaser pics and leaks, it’s fair to say we knew what was coming. Our very own Phil Huff was on the ground and managed to check out most of the exciting new models you can expect to hit the leasing market over the coming year.

paris motor show 2018

As well as looking at the key cars, Neil Thomason considered what exactly manufacturers were saying regarding changes to WLTP emissions and the possibility of a no-deal Brexit – two things that are certainly affecting the market at the minute if you check out the SMMT’s September stats.

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Continuing with Paris, we’ll kick off with our trip to the car show, where we found ourselves a little hindered by some corporate spies. We’re not sure how manufacturers feel about this kind of thing…

Next up is a story closer to home. In fact just around the corner from our Manchester base. A man decided to fill his car with tree branches to avoid multiple trips to the tip, in a move that was branded “absolute madness” by police…

Reviews and features

We’ve been getting to grips with a the freshened up Mazda 6 this week, which goes against the grain of downsized turbocharged engines with its naturally aspirated petrols. But is that enough to make it a worthwhile proposition? Read our full review

Review: Mazda 6 facelift 2018

Elsewhere, we’ve been revisiting an important – if not ideal – topic: Relay car theft. Thieves can now harness technology to hack into your car’s computer, meaning they don’t require a key-fob to start the vehicle. But which cars are most at risk? What can you do to prevent it? We investigate

Car theft is on the rise, and criminals don't even need your key anymore...

Speaking of cars that are attractive to thieves, the latest Forza Horizon 4 came out this week. If you’re as passionate about gaming as you are about cars, you’ll have been really excited about this. (If you’re not, just skip down to the James Bond bit).

Six years and four games in from the original, the latest game in the series offers drivers the chance to take a grand tour of Britain through a mix of open moorland, city streets, twisting coast roads, absurd dirt tracks and congested motorways. The perfect encapsulation of UK motoring then…

To mark the release we picked out five fast and furious cars from Forza Horizon 4 that we love and which are available to lease now.

Forza Horizon 4 Night Drift

Leasing dealhunters

What’s on offer if you’ve got a budget of up to £300 per month to spend on your new car? We checked out five of the very best you can lease for that kind of money. Click here to check them out

Best of Bond

Global James Bond Day.jpg

We’ll leave you with the news that today is Global James Bond Day, and what better way for us to celebrate than to check out his cars? As well as the most iconic, we also looked at some of the most unlikely forms of vehicular transport to have 007 in the driver’s seat. Which one’s your favourite?

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