Weekly Wheelspin: Football fever, parking problems and exhausting ordeals

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Author: | Updated: 15 Jun 2018 15:49

From potential North Korean denuclearisation and a new series of Love Island to SNP rebellion in the House of Commons and the Spanish manager being sacked a day before the World Cup, it’s safe to say we’ve had plenty of ups and downs this week. Come this way for a bit of sanity…

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In the news

Yep, this week saw the start of the 2018 World Cup! And while we tried our hardest to come up with a fantasy football team of cars from competing nations, the fact USA, Czech Republic and Romania hadn’t qualified for the tournament threw a spanner in the works, while most of our favourite cars come from Germany.

Instead, we went a step further to reveal the most popular cars from the 32 participating countries. Ever seen a Saipa Pride? Or a Chevrolet TCR? Well then Cruyff-turn this way to find out which car would come out on top of our World Cup of Cars.

World Cup of Cars

It’s not all footie fever though. Over in America gaming fever has taken over, with the E3 event currently taking place and publishers showing off the latest gameplay and teasers.

The one that has got us most excited? The Resident Evil 2 Remake! But… that’s got nothing to do with cars, so we’ll lie and pretend it’s the announcement that not only is Forza Horizon 4 on the, erm, horizon, but that it will set across the UK!

Taking in four seasons of lovely British weather, you’ll get to ‘drive’ some of the best roads the country offers from the Cotswolds in the South to the Lake District in the north-west and up through the streets of Edinburgh in the north. You can even drive them in a black cab if you don’t fancy wrecking a McLaren Senna.

In the real world, this week saw us get a glimpse at the Skoda Kodiaq vRS as it smashed the Nurburgring record for a seven-seat SUV… although we wonder what it beat to claim that? Can't be the world's longest list…

That’s not the only thing Skoda revealed, with the facelifted Fabia pricing, specs and engines announced ahead of it being delivered in September.

This week also saw our partners at Brake organise short, supervised walks with more than 100,000 children from over 500 schools and nurseries to highlight the importance of being able to walk without fear or threat from traffic.

In light of this, the Department of Transport in Scotland made a timely announcement promising to ban parking on the pavement in the country, with councils given the right to introduce fixed penalty notices.

Pavement parking

This led columnist Alisdair Suttie to ask: “Shouldn’t it be rolled out everywhere?

And finally, Jaguar is the latest manufacturer to roll out a leasing-based subscription service.

Carpe Jaguar Land Rover Subscription (1)

Carpe is an all-inclusive service which allows busy, high-mileage drivers to get a brand new Jaguar or Land Rover for 12 months with no deposit.

It joins Volvo and Mercedes-Benz in doing so, with other manufacturers such as BMW also taking tentative steps into the new market in the US.

On social

If, like us, you’ve been basking in the sunny weather and wondering to yourself “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I could turn my old Seat Ibiza into a Jacuzzi?” then have we got a treat for you!

French artist Benedetto Bufalino has done just that, as well as turning a car into a ping pong table, a cement mixer into a massive disco ball and an old police car into a chicken coop.

We wouldn’t try it with your lease car though, we’re pretty sure none of this is covered under the BVRLA’s fair wear and tear guidelines.

Did you see any transporters on the road this week? Yeah? Well I doubt the cars they were carrying were half as cool as this:

Which one would you like delivered to your door? I doubt you could get a decent insurance quote on a Batmobile…

And finally, spare a thought for 19 year old Kaitlyn Strom who did what any drunk person would do and stuck her head in a trucks oversized exhaust pipe...

Leasing dealhunters

With an unparalleled reputation for reliability, and being the manufacturer arguably responsible for raising the engineering and build standards for the everyday car, it’s no surprise that Volkswagen remains not only one of our most enquired manufacturers but also one of the most popular in the UK.


Add into that mix excellent residuals and attractive lease rates and you may not be surprised to see that the majority of vehicles on this list are under a £300 a month. See what you can get…

Latest reviews

Falling under the radar, Phil Huff recently got to drive the Kia Picanto X-Line.

Kia Picanto X-Line rear_thumb

Combining the same practicality and running cost benefits of the ordinary Picanto, but adding some on-trend styling, the X-Line is arguably the pick of the range. Check out the full Picanto review here

From the archives

In light of that cool-but-odd reveal from E3, we’re turning back the clock to nearly two years ago when the last Forza Horizon racing game was released.

With over 350 cars to choose from, including modern hypercars and iconic classics, a whole world of otherwise-inaccessible motors was opened up to to drivers and gamers when Forza Horizon 3 was released in October 2016.

Lotus Exige

So while gamers took their car of choice for a test drive via Xbox One first, we played devil’s advocate and listed five cars from Forza Horizon 3 that were available to lease.

And finally…

No matter how capable your pick-up trick is, remember that you should always pay attention to the payload limit.

Pick-up truck v Boulder

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