Weekly Wheelspin: Harris has a mishap, hydrogen hits mainstream and an Aston SUV

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Author: | Updated: 16 Nov 2018 14:27

So that was the week that was, with the team having attended a Mazda driving day (look for reviews of the CX-5 petrol automatic and new Mazda2 soon) as well as top secret meetings about all the exciting things coming in 2019 (ssshhhhhh!).


Aside from these exciting developments, it was an equally busy turn of events in the news. So onwards…

In the news

And now for something completely different.

Mercedes-Benz has handed over the first GLC F-Cell to selected customers in the German market this week.

Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell customers (1)

The Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell is a unique plug-in hybrid, as it can also run on pure hydrogen. The interplay between battery and fuel cell and its long range and short refuelling times make the GLC F-Cell a compellingly practicality vehicle.

The GLC F-Cell is receiving a soft launch in Germany initially, with various national and regional ministries and organisations based in infrastructure-equipped cities being the first to test it.

As exciting as a hybrid hydrogen Mercedes is, perhaps the biggest reveal this week was Aston Martin’s first foray into the wonderful world of SUVs.

With Lamborghini releasing the Urus earlier this year, it seems other marque manufacturers have taken that as a sign they’re allowed to build stuff other than beautiful sports cars and luxury saloons. Hence this, the DBX.

Speaking of his drive in the DBX development prototype, Aston Martin chief engineer, Matt Becker, said: “It’s always a big day when you get to put the first actual miles on an early prototype and I’m delighted with the near perfect correlation between the simulator and this prototype.”

Aston Martin might feel a bit twitchy when the team at Top Gear get their hands on it though.

Earlier this week Chris Harris was driving a black Porsche GT3 Touring when he crashed into a pick-up truck doing a three-point turn. In a tweet, he said: "Came around a corner to find a pick-up doing a three-point turn broadside, in the middle of the road. Unavoidable. Just one of those things."

Top Gear Chris Harris Porsche BBC

New presenter Paddy McGuiness tweeted back: "You do realise that's going to be taken out of the catering budget."


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Honda Civic Saloon

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And finally…

On this day 14 years ago, the Citroen C4 range went on sale in the UK. It was designed to be the successor to the Citroën Xsara and was mechanically similar to the Peugeot 308, which was launched in 2007.


Needless to say, the C4 has gone through a few changes since then, with Cactus, Picasso and SpaceTourer derivatives being released over the years.

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