Weekly Wheelspin: Fastbacks, speedy Beckhams and slow Brexits

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PR people have been preparing for the Paris Motor Show, Postman Pat's creator John Cunliffe has sadly passed away, Paul Pogba is p*ssed off with a Portuguese person, and i'm having pizza for tea. Here's what else has been happening.


In the news

Not a week goes by where we don’t try and use the ‘B word’, but with Article 50 triggered an eternity ago, the UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019... and we’re still no closer to knowing what’s really going to happen.

Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no deal, what does it all mean for the automotive industry? We delved in to find out where things stand at the minute and what the manufacturers are doing about it.


Brexit doesn’t promise to be the only seismic change in the automotive industry either. As advocates of leasing – which remains the fastest-growing form of new car finance in the UK – we know people are moving away from traditional forms of ownership in favour of a usership experience.

Now some manufacturers are offering dedicated subscription services. You can find out more here and how these services differ slightly from the type of deals you’ll find on ContractHireAndLeasing.com

As far as new car news, Hyundai has revealed a new i30 Fastback N. This is Hyundai’s second high-performance model in Europe and is the first and only five-door performance coupe in the C-segment. It will be interesting see if any other manufacturer rises to the challenge. We don’t think any other car will be able to get from Rome to Paris in 8 minutes 18 seconds though…

Volvo meanwhile don’t have speed on their mind, they just want to make estate’s rugged again. See the V60 Cross Country for example.

238219_New_Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_exterior (1)

Based upon the standard V60 launched earlier this year, the Cross Country gets several 4x4 inspired touches including a 75mm increase in ride height, all-wheel drive as standard as well as hill descent control and a specific off-road mode to help the Cross Country cope with rougher terrain than the standard V60.

Peugeot meanwhile has announced its Plug-in Hybrid petrol engine line-up will debut in the 3008 crossover and new four-door 508 and 508 SW models from autumn 2019.

Peugeot 508 hybrid 2019

The hybrid system will be available on top models and give drivers the option of driving in electric-only mode, with up to 30 miles of range on a single charge.

Peugeot weren’t the only manufacturer to announce a hybrids this week either, with the Honda CR-V SUV getting an electrified range for the first time ever as well as seven seats. Speaking of which…

Leasing dealhunters

Hybrids are big business, and it’s a segment of the market that’s only going to get bigger as manufacturers move towards electrified, efficient drivetrains.

Meanwhile, everyone loves an SUV. Last year they accounted for one in every three cars sold in the world. So what about a hybrid SUV? Surely that’s a good idea? Yes. Yes, it is.


From the Toyota Rav 4 to the Range Rover Sport P400e, we’ve collected our top five hybrid SUVs you can currently lease.

On social

Mr Loophole’, the famous solicitor who can get anyone out of a car-related offence as long as you are a celebrity/have money, worked his wonders again this week by getting David Beckham out of a speeding offence.

Despite being nearly 20mph over the speed limit in a loaned Bentley, we asked our Facebook followers if Becks should’ve got off. Cast your vote now…

Facebook poll

Latest reviews

We were recently in the Volkswagen Up GTI, because when you get the chance to drive a small and powerful car you always say yes.

Volskwage Up GTI rear

Whereas the Golf may be the premier vehicle in the GTI range, the spirit of what those three letters stand for is exemplified by the Up GTI, distilling the GTI spirit into a potent concentrate.

Throwing it around county lanes, A-roads and around little villages, it was a car that was impossible not to constantly push. Think Jason Bourne abusing an Austin Mini Cooper through the streets of Paris. Check out the five reasons we think it’s the most fun car for years…

And finally…

93 years ago this week, construction began on the infamous Nurburgring racing circuit.

Often referred to as the ‘green hell’ due to the original 13-mile Nordschleife course running through the Eifel forests, this section is still considered the most dangerous section of road on the planet with 174 turns covering a rise and fall of almost 1,000 feet. It was once rumoured to average 20 accidents a day during public sessions…

Since 1925 the circuit has been home to records being broken, cars being launched, and countless people trying their luck. In fact, just this week a high-powered 900 HP Ford Mustang RTR became the first ever car to drift all 20.7-kilometres of the circuit.

We’ll make it there one day, maybe in an Up GTI…

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