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MINI Lease Deals

The Mini is one of the most iconic cars ever produced, and since 2001 the “new” Mini has proved to be a seriously successful and competitive supermini. But if you lease a Mini today, you aren’t limited to a two-door hatchback. The range is wide and varied and includes four-door models and even an estate.

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Mini lease FAQs

Why should you lease a Mini?

The Mini is an iconic brand reborn for the 21st century. It offers a complete range of hatchbacks, crossovers and SUVs. If you’re in the market for one, leasing one makes great sense. has the best offers from the UK’s leading lease providers – all in one place.

What are the most popular Mini models to lease?

The four-door Mini hatchback is the most popular with lease customers thanks to attractive pricing and its practical body shape. The Countryman is also a great choice, and offers a little SUV flair. Mini’s new Electric Hatchback is competitively priced too, with lots of customers considering this model thanks to its combination of retro styling and cutting edge EV tech.

What Mini trim levels can I choose from?

The majority of Mini trim levels feature the iconic Cooper name. Some popular choices include the Cooper Classic, Cooper Sport and Cooper Exclusive. Whichever you go for, Mini is a premium brand, so you won’t be disappointed with levels of standard equipment. All models feature a fantastic 9in infotainment system, a digital driver display and keyless entry and go.

How much does a Mini lease cost?

A Mini costs less than you might think to lease, with plug-in models undercutting several rivals in terms of monthly costs. Thanks to lower monthly pricing and the fact you roll several costs into one, leasing a Mini is the way to go if you’re looking for maximum value.

Are there any Mini rivals you should consider?

Mini is a rather unique brand, but upmarket hatchbacks and crossovers from brands like Audi and BMW immediately spring to mind as alternatives. Competitors to the Mini Electric include the Fiat 500e and the Honda-e.