Audi A3 colours guide 2022: Which one should you choose?

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The 2022 Audi A3 Sportback and Saloon are now available to lease, and it’s proving a popular choice among leasing customers. If you’re considering a new A3, it’s likely you’ll have had a browse of the available colours. Just how much difference does the paint job make to the new model?

Audi A3 Sportback

We’ve had a look at the 2022 Audi A3 colours to help you decide which is best. The Sportback and Saloon are available in a total of 12 colours, although some are only available if you go for a higher trim level. Here are the options in full.

Audi A3 2022 colours

· Brilliant Black – £0

· Ibis White – £0

· Atoll Blue – £575

· Floret Silver – £575

· Glacier White – £575

· Manhattan Grey – £575

· Mythos Black – £575

· Tango Red – £575

· Turbo Blue – £575

· Navarra Blue – £575

· Python Yellow – £575

· Daytona Grey – £575

Most colour options cost £575 on the new A3, so over a typical three-year lease, it’ll add around £15 on to your monthly payments. Here’s a more in-depth look at the available shades and which trim levels they are available on.

Solid finishes

Brilliant Black – £0 – Technik, Sport

Audi A3 2021 Brilliant Black no cost option

Brilliant Black is one of the only no-cost options on the A3, and is available on entry-level Technik and Sport trims. It’s a good job it’s a no-cost option really, considering black is one of the UK’s most popular car colours. Picking Brilliant Black gives the A3 a really classy look, although it may require regular trips to the car wash to keep looking its best.

Ibis White – £0 – Technik, Sport

Audi A3 2021 Ibis White no-cost option

Ibis White is another no-cost option on Technik and Sport trim levels, with this simple shade really helping the A3’s lines stand out and give it a clean look. That’s until you drive through a puddle or two though – of the two no-cost options, it’ll be the most difficult to keep clean.

Turbo Blue – £575 – S-Line, Edition 1, Vorsprung

Audi A3 2021 Turbo Blue 575

Opting for an S-Line, Edition 1 or Vorsprung A3 adds a host of extras which give the exterior a more sporty, aggressive look. The aptly named Turbo Blue is added to the solid colours available for these models, and really helps the A3 stand out from the crowd. Combined with the black trim and sportier alloys available on these models, it really looks fantastic. 10/10 from us.

Metallic finishes

Atoll Blue – £575 – Technik, Sport

Audi A3 2021 Atoll Blue metallic 575

For those that opt for a Technik or Sport model, there’s another blue shade on offer – Atoll is more understated than Turbo, so it looks better on these lower trim levels. That’s not to take anything away from it though. It’s a metallic colour, giving the A3 a deep, rich quality to its paintwork. It’ll be easier to keep clean than Turbo too.

Floret Silver – £575 – Technik, Sport

Audi A3 2021 Floret Silver metallic 575

Floret Silver is without a doubt the colour to choose if you aren’t a fan of the bucket and sponge. It’s a shade that’ll hide road dirt well. It’s only available on the Technik and Sport models though.

Glacier White – £575 – Entire range

Audi A3 2021 Glacier White metallic 575

Glacier White isn’t too dissimilar to the no-cost Ibis White, although if you want that extra sparkle then you’ll be wanting to pay the extra. Available across the entire range, it’s sure to be a popular choice.

Manhattan Grey – £575 – Technik, Sport

Audi A3 2021 Manhatten Grey metallic 575

Manhattan Grey is also likely to be a popular choice and is the only grey available on Technik and Sport models. Grey was the UK’s most popular car colour last year, and that trend will no doubt continue through 2022. Easy to keep clean and great for hiding those small dings and scratches, it’s the fleet manager’s colour of choice.

Mythos Black – £575 – S-Line, Edition 1, Vorsprung

Audi A3 2021 Mythos Black metallic 575

Mythos Black is the metallic alternative to Brilliant Black, although it’s the only black hue on offer on S-Line models and above; the no-cost Brilliant Black is replaced by the £575 Turbo Blue on the colour chart from S-Line, Edition 1 and Vorsprung.

Tango Red – £575 – S-Line, Edition 1, Vorsprung

Audi A3 2021 Tango Red metallic 575

You’ll be happy to hear Tango Red is available across the entire range, although whether it’ll be a popular choice remains to be seen. Primary colours have fallen out of favour for greys, silvers and blacks in recent years, but if you’re opting for an S-Line, we think it gives the A3 a nice sporty touch.

Navarra Blue – £575 – S-Line, Edition 1, Vorsprung

Audi A3 2021 Navarra Blue 575

Navarra Blue is the replacement for Atoll Blue on the higher trim levels and is only available on S-Line, Edition 1 and Vorsprung models. It’s very similar to Atoll and costs exactly the same. It’s the one to go for if you prefer your blues a little more subdued than Turbo. It costs the same too, and will be better at hiding road grime for longer.

Python Yellow – £575 – S-Line, Edition 1, Vorsprung

Audi A3 2021 Python Yellow 575

If you’re an extrovert, then Python Yellow will be the colour for you. Again, it’s a shade that’s only available on the higher trim levels, but it’ll certainly make your A3 stand out in a car park full of dull grey, black and silvers.

Pearl and special finishes

Daytona Grey – £575 – S-Line, Edition 1, Vorsprung

Audi A3 2021 Daytona Grey pearl 575

Daytona Grey is the only pearl effect hue on offer from the factory. It means the paint has little metal particles in it to give it that extra shine. It’s only available on S-Line, Edition 1 and Vorsprung and should be a great shade to hide that pesky road grime.

What about Audi’s exclusive paint finishes?

Like all Audis, the new A3 is available with an option that allows you to choose from up to 50 different shades. It might give your car that finishing personal touch, but the service costs from £2,400. Maybe worth it on an R8. We’re not sure about the A3 though.

Already know the colour you want?

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