Top five upcoming electric vehicles we’re most excited about

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The government is planning to ban the sale of new petrol- and diesel-powered cars from 2040, so manufacturers better get their skates on for the electric vehicle (EV) onslaught.

Some have been a little slow off the mark so far, but with  new car release dates extending all the way to 2021 from everyone from Aston Martin to Volvo, we’ve picked out the five electric vehicles that we can’t wait to see on the road.

Honda Urban EV: Due 2019

Honda Urban EV: Due 2019

One of the biggest stars of last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Honda Urban EV harkens back to the MK I Civic design albeit repackaged for the 21st century.

A somewhat retro yet simple and sophisticated design, the Urban EV is going into production in 2019 and sets the direction for all future battery electric Honda models.

“This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019,” stated Honda president and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo.

Mercedes-Benz EQC: Due 2019

Mercedes-Benz EQC: Due 2019

Mercedes first all-electric car will get its big debut soon at the Paris Motor Show, and it’s safe to say all eyes will be on it.

On the outside, it takes the form of a high-riding SUV although it’s a little smaller and more conventional looking than both the Jaguar and Tesla.

Two electric motors power the front and rear axles, which gives the added bonus of four-wheel drive capability and together they produce 402bhp and 765Nm of torque, meaning a 0-62mph run of 5.1 seconds. Top speed is limited to 112mph.

Its 80kWh battery pack will be capable of around 280 miles on a single change, with Mercedes claiming recharging from 10% to 80% capacity will take approximately 40 minutes.

Read more about the Mercedes EQC here

Audi e-Tron: Due 2019

Audi e-Tron: Due 2019

The first of twelve Audi e-automobiles due on the road between now and 2025, there is a lot riding on the success of the upcoming e-Tron.

Somewhere between the Q5 and Q7 in terms of size, it will be capable of at least 250 miles between charges.

Its large 95kWh lithium ion battery will offer faster charging times than current industry leader Tesla due to the vehicles sophisticated aerodynamics which increases the range by around 21.7 miles per charge.

Another important factor is the pneumatic suspension with adjustable damping. At speeds above 74.6 mph, it lowers the body up to 26mm below the normal position thus reducing the drag. The underbody of the all-electric SUV is also fully enclosed.

Find out more about the Audi e-Tron here

Porsche Taycan: Due 2020

Porsche Taycan: Due 2020

Revealed in concept form at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show under the development name ‘Mission e’ (not to be mistaken with the Mission E Cross Turismo revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show), the all-electric sportback is expected to be revealed sometime next year ahead of availability in 2020.

Built on a bespoke production platform, the Porsche Taycan aims to top 310 miles of range, go from 0-62mph in less than 3.5 seconds and produce more than 592bhp from twin electric motors. These will be housed centrally in the floor and with the twin-motor set-up will also give a better front-rear weight balance.

Polestar 2: Due 2020

Volvo 40.2

Polestar 1, the hybrid supercar, seems to be a bit of a proving ground for the brand, using similar design themes to the current range of Volvo models.

While the 1 sounds likes it’s going to be an impressive piece of kit when it’s released next year, Polestar 2 will not only be the brand’s first electric vehicle but it will also be the first model to establish Polestar’s own look.

Current range estimates for the EV are around 350-miles on a single charge, according to AutoCar, with prices starting from £30,000 up to £50,000.

While Polestar 1 looks suitably exotic, it falls to Polestar 2 to normalise the EV with COO Jonathan Goodman rejecting the idea that EVs need to be quirky or futuristic. This is because he sees the electric car market will soon become the mainstream and so making a niche product would be an anomaly.

And one we’ve almost forgotten about …

Tesla Model 3: Due 2019? Maybe. Who knows.

Yes, it’s still not here in the UK yet. We’re still waiting. And waiting. Maybe they should called it the Tesla Godot.

The Tesla Model 3 made its first official debut in Europe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed recently though, so we got to see what it looks like.

Tesla Model 3 at Goodwood Festival of Speed front

Prices start from $35,000 in the US. In standard form, it gets a 0-60mph time of 5.6 seconds (quicker than your average hot hatch, then) and a top speed of 130mph. It gets a range of up to 220 miles on a single charge, although a long-range battery option is also available for a hefty $9,000, and extends this range to 310 miles.

What else can we say about the Model 3? Here’s all you need to know.

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