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Used car leasing has become increasingly popular because of the long delivery times on some new cars. That’s why we’ve brought you a selection of premium used cars to lease. All vehicles are immediately available and can be delivered to your home or office in as little as 3-5 working days.

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In the meantime, you can browse thousands of the very best low-cost new car leasing offers.

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Used car leasing FAQs

Is second hand car leasing cheaper?

It depends on the age, mileage and specification of the car you are interested in, but equivalent vehicles should be cheaper to lease second hand than brand new. Browse our used car lease deals to see what’s available today.

Why lease a used car?

As well as the potential cost savings, leasing a used vehicle means you avoid the potentially long lead times that some new car orders are currently suffering from. All vehicles are also available for home delivery with contactless vehicle and document handover.

Can I get my used car delivered?

Yes, all of the used car leasing offers above are immediately available and can be delivered to your home within 3-5 working days.

How long can I lease a used car for?

Used car PCH is available over a 12-36 month term. The duration of your used car lease deal can be adjusted to reflect your personal preference. Just remember that shorter lease agreements will increase your monthly rental while longer terms will reduce your monthly rental. The offers above are based on 36-month terms to make them easier for you to compare, but if you want a different term just ask when you make an enquiry.

How old are the used cars you lease?

The second-hand cars available to lease through our website are typically less than 12 months old, which means that they come equipped with the latest technology and the fuel-efficient engines or batteries, as well as the balance of the manufacturer’s new car warranty.

Are used car leases quality checked?

When leasing a used car you can be confident of the quality of the vehicles offered. Every vehicle undergoes a comprehensive mechanical inspection and are prepared to the highest standard before they are offered for sale. Used cars also come with the balance of the manufacturer’s new car warranty – typically two years of cover – offering you peace of mind. If you have any issues with the vehicle.

Do used car leases require a deposit?

Yes, second-hand car leasing requires a deposit – referred to as an Initial Rental – at the start of your lease agreement. Other costs, such as Administrative Fees, may also be charged upfront so ensure you review your quote before proceeding.

Which companies offer used car leasing?

The second-hand car leasing market is still in its infancy in the UK, but it is growing all the time. As well as, companies such as Meridian, Arval, ZenAuto and Pink Car Leasing all offer used car leasing.

How to lease a used car?

Simply browse our range of high-quality cars above and make an enquiry on the ones you are interested in. Be sure to confirm your preferred annual mileage and term of your lease agreement in the enquiry, if different to the advertised terms.

Benefits of used car leasing

  • Cheaper than an equivalent new car
  • Immediately available – no long lead times
  • Collection or home delivery service available
  • Flexible terms and mileage annual allowances
  • Comprehensive mechanical inspection and vehicle preparation
  • High vehicle specifications - not basic factory options

Who can lease a used car?

You will need at least a “good” credit score to lease a second-hand car. Every leasing company has different underwriting scoring systems so there is not a magic credit score that you need in order to be approved for used car leasing. However, your identity, income, affordability plus any history of late payments or County Court judgments will all be factored into your application and used to determine whether your lease agreement is ultimately approved or declined.

How to lease a used car?

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