MG Motor UK Car Leasing Backdrop

MG Motor UK Lease Deals

MG has a long and well-established history on the British motoring scene, but only in recent years has it made a revival with a number of new models being made in China. While it might not be produced in the UK anymore, the Chinese takeover means that MG leasing deals are some of the most affordable on the market.

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MG Motor UK lease FAQs

Why should you lease a MG?

Chinese-owned MG re-entered the UK market a few years ago, and has slowly made its mark by offering well made, affordable and practical vehicles. Its current line-up takes this to new levels, with cars like the MG4 taking aim at more established upmarket brands.

What are the most popular MG models to lease?

The electric MG ZS and MG5 are proving popular with leasing customers, with the ZS crossover offering a fantastically priced entry-point into the family EV market. The MG5 is one of the most capacious EVs current available, and undercuts many rivals. The new MG4 is a handsome hatchback that’s already winning praise and is a viable alternative to more expensive models.

What MG trim levels can I choose from?

Exact trim levels and specifications differ between MG models, but whichever you opt for you’ll get plenty of tech and a standard equipment list that punches above the car’s price point. In the MG 5, for example, even standard SE models feature an infotainment system compatible with smartphone mirroring, adaptive cruise control and a reverse camera.

How much does an MG cost to lease?

MG is one of the most affordable brands on the market, and leasing one makes it an even more enticing proposition. Competitive monthly prices that are less than other forms of finance, combined with the brand’s existing affordable prices mean leasing an MG makes sense – whether it’s the ZS crossover, MG5 estate or even the new MG4 hatchback.

Are there any MG rivals you should consider?

For value for money, an obvious competitor to MG is Dacia. However, there’s set to be a number of other Chinese manufacturers joining MG over the next few years, which will aim to take on the British badge in terms of quality, EV tech and value for money.