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The second city is renowned for its breweries, music scene and car lovers. Car leasing continues to be a popular choice for many and typically enables people to drive a higher spec of vehicle whilst putting less money down. Explore our site to find car lease providers who deliver direct to Birmingham.

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Popular cars in Birmingham

You already know the city has lots of drivers but did you know these were the most popular car leases in Birmingham:

Getting to know the area

Before you dive into our Birmingham contract hire deals why not get more familiar with the local area:

  • The car used by Tommy and Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders is an outstanding 1920s four-cylinder Ford Model T.
  • Birmingham is extremely central, in fact 90% of the UK is accessible from Birmingham within a 4 hours’ drive.
  • Birmingham is home to two major car factories – Jaguar in Castle Bromwich and MG Rover in Longbridge.

FAQs when leasing in Birmingham

What lengths of contract are available?

The minimum term for a contract hire agreement is 12 months, with deals on stretching to as long as 48 months (four years).

Is insurance included in a car lease deal?

No. Because the cost of insurance can vary wildly between drivers, it is impossible to accurately factor in insurance costs with our monthly lease rates. Luckily though, insuring a lease car is no different to getting any other car insured, so shop around for the most suitable quote for you.

Can I put a personal number plate on a leased vehicle?

Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem, just check with finance company providing the vehicle first. Make sure that you have their agreement and confirmation that they will transfer the number back to you at the end of the agreement.

Is delivery & collection included in a lease deal?

Yes. All our advertising partners offer vehicle delivery to UK mainland addresses.

Can I amend the agreed mileage part-way through a contract?

This should not be a problem. You will need to contact the leasing company concerned to arrange an alternative agreement, but this will usually mean altering the monthly payments.

Is Road Tax included in a car lease?

Road tax, or Vehicle Excise Duty to give it its proper name, will normally be included within the price. All lease agreements should include road tax either for the duration of the contract or for the first 12 months. Please note, if the cost of the tax increases during the lease agreement, you may be liable to pay the amount of the increase. Always check your contract.

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