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Understanding car leasing

Whether it’s your first-time car leasing or you’ve leased before, understanding how car leasing works can help you secure your ideal car for less. Leasing is like hiring, only you get a brand-new car for a longer period. You don’t own the car, you just hand it back at the end of the contract and swap it for another brand-new set of wheels. It’s simple, more affordable than you think, and often a lot cheaper than buying.

People love us because we keep it simple is simple in design and for me offers the filters I need to prevent me wasting my time. It also covers a lot of the brokers so it's near enough a one stop shop.

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Choosing your car leasing plan

One of the great things about how car leasing works is that it’s extremely flexible. You decide the length of your lease contract, how many miles you want to be able to drive each year and the size of your initial payment. If you don’t want to pay much upfront, you don’t have to. You’re in the driving seat. If you follow our car leasing advice, you could also find yourself a bargain.

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Step-by-step guide to leasing

A quick guide to walk you through the six simple steps of car leasing - from start to finish.

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Choosing your car

You can lease any new car on the market, from small city cars to large pick-ups and everything in between, from all the major manufacturers. One car leasing tip is that premium vehicles are often more affordable to lease, because they hold their value better. You have a wealth of choice and millions of deals to choose from, so you can find your ideal car at the right price.

In-depth car reviews

When it comes to picking the right car, knowledge is power. Read up on our latest car reviews which are packed full of videos, stats and expert analysis.

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Need some more help deciding?

Our Top Picks articles can help you choose the right vehicle for your requirements or budget. Explore the latest recommendations straight from our team of in-house experts.

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Using is the original and largest car leasing comparison site. We’re the car leasing experts and have more than 20 years’ experience. Over the years, we’ve helped millions of people find their next lease car. The below guides contain some great advice on how you can use our website, find the best deals and become a leasing expert yourself.

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Frequently asked questions

Got a question? Someone may have already asked it! Head on over to our FAQs page for a list of the most commonly asked car leasing questions.

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More expert guides

Looking for more information on how car leasing works? We’ve got plenty more car leasing guides, tips and advice. Everything else you need to know you can find here in More Expert Guides. If you need any more information, one of our car leasing experts will be able to help. Just get in touch.

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