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When you lease a car, you’ll also need to take out fully comprehensive car insurance to make sure it’s protected throughout your agreement. We’ve partnered with Confused.com to make it easy to compare quotes and buy car insurance online.

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Car leasing insurance FAQs

Do I need to insure a leased car?

Yes, it is a requirement in the terms and conditions of the agreement with your leasing company. You must have fully comprehensive car cover in place from the day your new car is delivered until the day it is returned at the end of your lease.

Do leased cars include insurance?

Insurance is generally not included as part of your monthly car leasing payments. Leasing with insurance is also not included if you decide to take out an optional maintenance package as that covers servicing and some replacement parts. However, products such as car subscriptions often include insurance and monthly costs are usually higher to reflect this.

Is it more expensive to insure a leased car?

Leased cars must have fully comprehensive insurance because of the high standards that leasing company owners have if their cars are involved in an accident and need to be repaired. As fully comprehensive policies cost more than third-party fire and theft insurance, it can cost drivers more to insure leased cars. Always obtain an insurance quote for your intended next car in advance. Our partner, Confused.com, works with insurers who offer annual and monthly car insurance payments.

Do all insurers cover leased cars?

The vast majority of established insurers will offer policies for leased cars. That’s why we work with Confused.com who offer motorists up to 120 trusted insurers to choose from.

Who is eligible for car leasing insurance?

Typically, you will need to be employed, aged between 21-70 years old and hold a full driving licence to insure a leased car.

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