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Dacia might not have been offering cars in the UK that long, but it has quickly become a go-to brand for those wanting a simple, versatile car that’s extremely affordable. A browse of the Dacia leasing deals below demonstrates just how affordable some models really are.

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Dacia Duster
Leasing.com value score from
Monthly cost from
£236.76 p/m
Total lease cost from
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Dacia Jogger
Leasing.com value score from
Monthly cost from
£259.56 p/m
Total lease cost from
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Dacia Sandero
Leasing.com value score from
Monthly cost from
£182.40 p/m
Total lease cost from
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Dacia Sandero Stepway
Leasing.com value score from
Monthly cost from
£223.22 p/m
Total lease cost from

Dacia lease FAQs

  • Why should you lease a Dacia?
  • If you appreciate value for money, then a Dacia lease is definitely for you. It’s been more than a decade since the Romanian manufacturer arrived on UK shores, and it’s still providing what it always has – appealing cars at excellent prices. Few brands have Dacia beat when it comes to affordability, and you might get more than you expect from its most recent model line-up. Leasing one gives you advantages such as lower monthly payments and helps roll several of your motoring costs into one.
  • What are the most popular Dacia models to lease?
  • The Sandero supermini remains the brand’s most popular model to lease, although the awesome Duster SUV and Jogger seven seater aren’t far behind. Its crossover-inspired Stepway models are also a great choice if you want to add a little style.
  • What Dacia trim levels can I choose from?
  • Dacia’s trim line-up includes Essential, Expression and Journey, although exact specifications will differ depending on the model you’re interested in. There’s a host of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, all of which making Dacias as affordable to run as they are to lease.
  • How much does a Dacia lease cost?
  • Dacia leasing plans are among the most affordable on the market. Whether it’s the Sandero, Duster or Jogger, monthly rates on these vehicles significantly undercut key rivals and get you more car for your money than most other brands.
  • Are there any Dacia rivals to consider?
  • Dacia’s affordability helps it stand out in a crowded market place, meaning there are few direct rivals. Some alternatives to consider include models from Citroen, Skoda and Nissan.

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