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Car subscription services are an increasingly popular choice among drivers in the UK. We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s best car subscription providers to bring you the very best offers. Volvo’s subscription model provides an all-inclusive* subscription service on brand-new models, delivered straight to your home.

Compare monthly car subscription offers from our partner Volvo Car UK.

Why Leasing.com recommends Volvo Car UK subscriptions:

  • *All inclusive. Your car subscription includes service, maintenance, wear and tear cover, vehicle tax and the option of adding insurance, or choosing your own.
  • No hidden costs. A car subscription means there is no deposit. You pay a set monthly amount that covers everything except consumables, tolls and fines.
  • Freedom to choose. Opting for a fully flexible car subscription gives you the ability to change your car or cancel with 3 months’ notice.
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Car subscription FAQs

How does a car subscription work?

Car subscriptions are all-inclusive plans where consumers and businesses pay a single monthly fee that covers most of the associated costs of motoring, except insurance, fuel or battery charging. Subscriptions often include road tax, servicing, maintenance, as well as the cost of the finance associated with the vehicle itself – which is usually in the form of a contract hire or leasing agreement.

Is a car subscription worth it?

As well as a single monthly cost, subscription users often benefit from the ability to change their current vehicle on a far more frequent basis than longer-term leases – in the case of Volvo’s subscription, just 3 months’ notice (subject to status). Subscriptions may be more expensive than a lease or other type of finance agreement on an equivalent vehicle, but subscriptions appeal to consumers that value convenience and a bespoke service over price alone. Many consumers are opting for electric car subscriptions to explore the latest electric vehicle technology without long-term ownership commitments.

What’s included in a car subscription?

Volvo’s all-inclusive subscription takes care of all the practical stuff – you just drive. Simply add insurance to your subscription or choose your own. Here’s what’s included:

  • Service & maintenance
  • Warranty
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Wear & tear (incl. tyres)
  • Home delivery
  • Your chosen mileage
  • Vehicle tax
  • Courtesy car
  • Volvo Cars app

As with similar providers, Volvo Car UK's' subscription does not include insurance, the cost of fuel, AdBlue, washer fluid or oil, nor do they cover charges for speeding, tolls or parking. Subject to eligibility, Volvo Car UK offers 7 days’ complimentary insurance to get you started, as well as an individual insurance quote that you can add to your monthly subscription fee.

How do subscriptions compare to leasing?

If you’re new to cars on subscription, or leasing for that matter, the differences between these products and buying can be confusing. Our handy breakdown below helps explain more.

  Volvo’s Subscription Traditional Leasing
  Subscription Personal contract hire
  Change car or cancel easily Longer-term fixed price rentals
Contract type 3 months' notice 18-48 months
Initial payment Not required 1-12 monthly rentals upfront
Change of car ✔️
Complimentary insurance 7 days*
Service & maintenance ✔️ ✔️
Optional, for additional payment
Wear & tear (incl. tyres) ✔️ ✔️
If maintenance purchased
Vehicle tax ✔️ ✔️
24/7 Roadside assistance ✔️ ✔️
Warranty ✔️ ✔️
MOT inspection ✔️ ✔️
Courtesy car ✔️ ✔️
Dedicated customer care ✔️ ✔️
Complimentary home delivery ✔️ May require a fee
Brand-new car ✔️ ✔️

Volvo’s Subscription T&Cs:
Change of car subject to status. 3 months' notice.
*Insurance offer is conditional on completing an order and is subject to eligibility criteria, incl. min. age of 25, min. 12 months with full UK or EU driving licence, max. 3 fault claims and max. 3 minor convictions in the past 5 years. Your subscription excludes consumables such as fuel, AdBlue, washer fluid and oil (unscheduled refills) and charges for speeding, tolls and parking.

What’s the difference between a car subscription & traditional vehicle ownership?

Volvo’s subscription lets you enjoy all the perks of having a car with none of the hassle because most operating costs are covered. This includes essentials that you’d otherwise have to add later on, such as service, maintenance and replacement tyres (when worn through normal use). Subscribing is also a more flexible way to access a car, and the commitment is minimal compared to traditional finance agreements – you only need to give 3 months’ notice to change car or cancel.

Note: Change of car subject to status.

What is the contract length for a subscription?

You can choose the usual 3-month notice period.

What’s the sign-up fee?

There isn’t a sign-up fee! Once your order is confirmed, Volvo Car UK will take your first monthly subscription fee as an advance payment. The advance payment is then deducted from your next invoice on a pro-rated basis depending on when you take delivery of your car. Your subscription fee will always be paid a month in advance.

How do I know if Volvo’s subscription is right for me?

If you’re looking for a hassle-free and flexible alternative to leasing or buying a brand-new car with no long-term commitment, then this subscription is perfect for you!

How do I collect my car?

You can collect your car from a preferred retailer or choose to have your car home-delivered at no extra cost. To find out more, configure your chosen model via the link below and talk directly to Volvo specialists.

Terms and Conditions:
Subscription services are subject to status, prepayment and underwriting and can have a negative impact on your credit rating if payments are missed. T&Cs apply. Insurance, fuel, and other regular consumables (for example washer fluid and AdBlue), as well as toll or congestion charges are not included. See Appendix 1 of the Volvo Car UK Terms and Conditions for a full list of additional charges. Volvo Car UK reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend the offer and/or revise the terms and conditions at any time, without giving prior notice. Please contact Volvo Cars UK for further details, including terms and conditions. For Volvo Car UK information, terms and conditions and frequently asked questions please follow the link here

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