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About My Searches

When you are logged into the website, we will keep a record of the searches that you make. This data is only available to you and only through the My Account area and enables you to quickly revisit searches that you’ve previously performed to see what new offers might be available.

My Searches

Save this search - Get results by email

If you want to make the process of staying updated on the latest lease deals even easier, the My Searches page, allows you to turn a search that you’ve made on the site into a regular email. Simply choose a frequency which suits you and you’ll start receiving the latest lease deals directly to your inbox. If you no longer wish to receive particular saved deals by email, you can easily amend your email subscriptions at any time.

My Searches

Can I delete my search history?

You can choose to delete either individual searches or your entire search history at any time by clicking on the relevant trashcan icon in the My Searches page. Deleting your search history will permanently remove all records of this from our systems.

My Searches

My Enquiries

About My Enquiries

This page records the enquiries you have sent to advertisers about their leasing offers. You can also manage ongoing enquiries from this page.

My Enquiries

I have made an enquiry, where do I find this information?

You can find all information regarding your enquiry, via your account's My Enquiries page.

My Enquiries

What does my Enquiry Status mean?

Below are the different enquiry statuses that you will see in the My Account area once you have submitted an enquiry.

Enquiry started

Well done. You have chosen your vehicle and tailored lease deal and your enquiry has been submitted. You’ve just taken the first step towards leasing your next new vehicle.

Price confirmed

Our advertising partner has confirmed the price of your lease deal.

Quote received

You have received a full quote from our advertising partner based on your enquiry. It’s now ready for acceptance by you.

Finance applied for

Your finance application has been received and is being processed. It may take between two and five working days to receive a decision on your application.

Finance declined

Unfortunately your application for finance has been declined. If you wish to discuss this decision, please contact our advertising partner.

Finance approved

Congratulations, your application for finance has been approved. Our advertising partner will now begin the ordering process for your chosen vehicle.

Vehicle ordered

Congratulations. You have chosen your lease deal, passed the credit check and your vehicle has been ordered. You’ll be notified of delivery dates when they become available.

Enquiry withdrawn

You have decided to withdraw your vehicle enquiry.

Offer no longer available

Unfortunately this lease deal has been withdrawn by the advertiser and is no longer available.

My Enquiries

How do I contact the advertiser regarding my enquiry?

You can contact the advertiser directly via the Enquiry Correspondence page. To begin go to the My Enquiries page. Click on the "View Details" button on a specific enquiry.

My Enquiries Page
Message Advertiser

You will then be taken to the Enquiry Correspondence page where you can see any replies to your messages from the advertiser. You can enter a message and press the orange send button to send any additional messages at any time.

My Enquiries

What do I do if an advertiser doesn’t respond to my enquiry?

In some cases, advertisers can receive extremely high levels of interest in offers that they are promoting on our marketplace. As a result, they may not be able to get back to you straight away. Although we encourage all of our advertisers to provide the fastest possible response, we would recommend giving an advertiser up to 48 hours to reply. If you want to follow-up your enquiry, you can contact the advertiser directly via the messaging facility on the My Enquiries page.

I am no longer interested in my enquiry. Can I remove this from my account?

The Enquiry Correspondence page allows you to withdraw an enquiry at any time. To begin go to the My Enquiries page. Click on the "View Details" button on a specific enquiry.

Withdraw Enquiry

You will then be taken to the Enquiry Correspondence page. By clicking on the withdraw enquiry button you can withdraw an enquiry.

You just need to pick a reason from the list and press the "Withdraw" button. The advertiser will immediately be notified that you no longer wish to be contacted about this offer.