Electric car home charger installation

Electric cars are becoming increasingly mainstream in the UK, and leasing is often the best way to get into the driving seat. Here at Leasing.com, not only do we help you to find the best electric car lease deals, we’ve partnered with ChargedEV to help you find home chargers that are compatible with your new car and home.

Your electric car home charger

Switching to EV is an inevitable step in each of us doing our bit to help combat climate change. We're proud to have partnered with ChargedEV, Britain's leading home charger installer to help you find home chargers that are compatible with your new car and home. With ChargedEV you can choose and buy your charger and book your installation in one easy transaction.

Why Leasing.com recommends ChargedEV:

  • One of the UK’s leading installers of home EV chargers.
  • Over 40,000 charger installs completed!
  • Rated 4.7 on Trustpilot – the highest rating of any charge point installer.
  • Choose your charger from a selection of four leading brands.
  • A nationwide network of expert installers.
ChargedEV Home Electric Charger

Electric vehicle home charging

If you’re looking to lease an electric car, one of the most important factors to consider is charging.

For the best EV experience, you’ll want to know you can charge easily and inexpensively. We’ve partnered with ChargedEV to give your EV experience a head start.

Saving money with your home EV charger


Once you have ordered your charger ChargedEV will arrange installation by their best in class dedicated, specialist and salaried nationwide field workforce.

Located around the UK, including Northern Ireland, their installers are equipped with all the tools and knowledge they need to keep your EV charging journey on track.

Smart charging

All home EV chargers must now be equipped with ‘smart charging’ features. Smart charging means you can schedule charging to happen during what’s called the ‘off-peak’ period - usually between 10pm and 8am. And with the right energy tariff, ‘off-peak’ electricity costs much less.

EV tariffs

As we mentioned above the electricity tariff you are on can make a big difference. So, as with all household bills, it pays to shop around. Going for the cheapest off-peak tariff could be an option for most EV owners, but it’s also worth considering where you’ll be keeping the car. Will you be charging at home, or will you have access to charge points at your workplace? If you work irregular hours and are unlikely to be home during standard off peak hours selecting an overall lower price tariff during peak hours may be the way to go.

ChargedEV Home Electric Charger
Got questions about electric cars and home chargers? We’ve got you. Here we’ll answer all your questions so you can hit the road with your new car.

Are electric cars cheaper to lease?

Electric vehicles (or EVs) use newer technology than internal-combustion engines. This makes EVs a little more expensive to lease, compared to petrol or diesel models, but that’s not to say that leasing an EV is expensive overall.

The cost of electric cars is coming down all the time. The electric version of the popular Vauxhall Corsa is available from around £230 per month. In comparison, it’ll set you back around £165 a month if you want to lease the entry-level petrol version.

However, if you usually spend around £200 per month on petrol, you may find yourself spending considerably less than that on electricity.

While upfront electric car costs can be more expensive, this is offset by cheaper day-to-day running costs. Charging an EV at home is the best way to save more.

How to save money on EV leasing?

Looking at the whole picture, electric vehicles offer outstanding value over the long-term. They offer drivers a cheaper and more efficient way of getting around.

As the choice of electric cars available to lease increases, so do the number of leasing offers. So whether you’re looking for a Tesla Model Y lease, an MG 4 lease or a Volkswagen ID3 lease, we’ve got you covered.

How to pick the right EV?

Choosing the right EV will depend on your budget, your preferred body style, driving style and tastes. The availability of electric vehicles in the UK continues to grow. New models are being introduced every month, with many more being scheduled for release in the coming years. Motorists will soon be spoilt for choice.

Manufacturers like Tesla who led the way in the early years of the EV revolution are still strong players, but new manufacturers are entering the market and established car manufacturers are bringing their latest EV’s into production. Polestar, MG with its budget conscious models and Volkswagen’s dedicated EV brand, ID, are helping to bring electric car lease deals to the mainstream.

There are three types of electric vehicle on the market:

  • Battery electric vehicles (BEVs): also known as pure electric cars. These are the cleanest cars on the road and generally powered entirely by a rechargeable electric battery. BEV drivers can charge their car at home or at one of the UK’s growing number of public charge points.
  • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs): this hybrid car uses more than one source of power. A HEV typically combines an electric battery with a conventional petrol or diesel engine. The engine will usually also charge the electric battery meaning that you don’t have to manually recharge the battery, although the battery range in hybrid cars may be limited.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs): a plug-in hybrid car combines a battery and electrical motor with an economical petrol or diesel engine. The electric battery is typically used on shorter journeys only before the conventional engine kicks in during longer journeys. However, because the electric battery can be plugged-in and recharged at home or public charge points between trips, the electric range of plug-ins is often longer than hybrid cars.

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