Jaecoo 7: Everything you need to know

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Author: | Updated: 25 Jun 2024 12:11

The automotive market is shifting, and there’ll soon be yet another Chinese entrant on the UK market. Brands like MG, BYD and GWM Ora are all making their mark.

But Omoda – owned by Chery – has big ambitions. As well as offering affordable and practical models, it also has a sister brand poised to take on more premium manufacturers.

Jaecoo 7 side profile

Enter Jaecoo. You can consider it the luxury counterpart of Omoda, aiming to deliver a refined driving experience, first-rat comfort and superior build quality.

Its large J7 SUV is due to hit UK shores soon. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming car – and the brand itself.

Jaecoo 7 lead

Jaecoo 7: A closer look

Featuring boxy looks not dissimilar to the Kia EV9, the J7 gets a prominent grille, huge door mirrors and upmarket touches such as flush door handles.

From the off it’s clear this model has its sights set on the premium end of the market. Its bold design certain stands out from the crowd, and belies a tempting price point of around £35,000.

Jaecoo says the 7 is aiming to take on models like the Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLC, and stepping inside reveals it has done quite a good job in keeping up with the Germans.

A 15in touchscreen dominates the dashboard and offers crisp graphics and impressive response times. A secondary screen behind the driver acts as the digital readout display and works well.

18in wheels, smartphone mirroring, wireless charging and a premium sound system are all standard on entry-level versions.

Plump for higher trims and you’ll add things like a panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control and a 360-degree camera.

Jaecoo 7 interior

Jaecoo 7 powertrains

Unlike the Omoda, at launch the 7 will only be available with petrol drivetrains, including a plug-in hybrid option.

All models use a 1.6-litre turbo-petrol engine, while two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions will be available. All models get a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

The entry-level pure petrol model gets 190hp – enough power to ensure the Jaecoo doesn’t feel underpowered.

The driving experience is a relaxed affair, with the suspension and chassis set up designed to offer fantastic comfort while keeping body roll in check.

Jaecoo 7 off road

Jaecoo future models and expansion plans

Jaecoo models will be offered via the same network of dealers as Omoda, which has significantly expanded operations in the last 12 months. While the 7 is the brand’s first model, it’s unlikely to be the last.

It plans to offer a range of high-end models to take on the established European brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes, combining premium features and quality with competitive pricing.

Jaecoo 7 lease deals

Set to hit the UK from September, we’ll bring you Jaecoo lease deals as soon as they’re available. In the meantime, you can check out prices and compare deals on Omodas – Jaecoo’s sister brand.

Hit the button below to jump straight into deals right now.

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