Aehra SUV: Everything we know so far

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Author: | Updated: 23 Feb 2023 09:23

Say hello the all-new Aehra SUV – an electric car from a completely new Italian brand.

Aiming to take on the top end of the EV segment, here’s what we know so far.

Aehra SUV 2025

Aehra fast facts

  • Premium electric EV to arrive by 2025
  • Stunning futuristic styling
  • Full-width dashboard screen
  • 800hp and 500-mile range
  • Costs from a cool £160,000


Aehra styling

From the outside, there’s little doubt this all-new Italian brand is taking on the very top end of the EV market, taking aim at cars from the likes of Audi and Porsche. It gets a futuristic swooping design that offers some serious road presence – its wheelbase is around three metres long.

The sleek look is set off with a thin lighting strip, large air intakes and clever channels that actively improve the car’s aero. Despite its SUV proportions, side on the Aehra offers the aesthetic of a coupe, with a slim windows and bulging doors. All four of them feature a stunning top-hinged design, swinging upwards.

The rear offers a similarly slick look, with two lighting bars on either side that make use of the car’s natural curves. A further set of vents set the look off, while the car sits on a set of huge alloy wheels.


Aehra interior and tech

With a huge wheelbase and a flat floor, this is a seriously spacious vehicle. It’ll be available in four and five-seat form, with both models offers acres of passenger space. The standout feature is a huge screen interface that spans the entire dashboard area.

This integrates a driver display and digital door mirror displays. A smaller screen gives drivers access to the infotainment system itself, as well as control over the car’s key functions.

The large screen can extend upwards when the car is parked and stationary, enabling it to turn into a cinema or even a mobile office.


Aehra drivetrain

The Aehra sits on an all-new platform that it will share with a saloon car that’s due to be revealed next year. In the SUV, it’s likely to come kitted out with a 120kWh battery – that’s one of the biggest and most powerful fitted in a car to date.

It’ll utilise three electric motors, giving it all-wheel drive and producing upwards of 800hp. No performance stats have been revealed, although we do know it’ll achieve up to 497 miles of range – according to Aehra at least.


Aehra prices and release date

If you’re thinking an Aehra could be for you, you’re in with a wait unfortunately. It’s set to hit the market in 2025, and cost from a cool £160,000 – making it one of the most expensive electric vehicles to date.

If you don’t wait to wait (or have a spare £160k) you can check out lease deals available on EVs right now by hitting the link below. We’ll bring you more info on the Aehra as and when it’s revealed.

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