Case study: Colin’s 15-year electrifying leasing journey to plug-in vehicles

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Author: | Updated: 26 Oct 2021 09:49 recently partnered up with car charger comparison site Rightcharge to ensure our customers get the best advice when it comes to charging their plug-in lease vehicles at home.

During discussions, it became apparent that Rightcharge’s very-own Colin Hennessey is a serial lease customer, who happens to be a big fan of

As you might have guessed, Colin currently has a plug-in car or two on his drive, but his history with stretches back much further than that. We caught up for a chat.

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Tell us a little about your leasing history.

“I came across ContractHireAndLeasing (’s predecessor) around 15 years ago. At the time I was working for a business that had limited options when it came to company cars. I really wanted an Audi A4 Cabriolet, which wasn’t on offer.

So I investigated personal leasing, which was at the time a much smaller market than it is today. I quickly found a great two-year deal that suited on ContractHireAndLeasing. Even back then the process was easy, and after my lease was up, I found myself back on the site once again.”


“With a baby on the way, we needed a larger family car. We found the answer with another two-year deal, this time for a Land Rover Freelander.

Aside from a dalliance with an unreliable second-hand car or two, I’ve been a customer ever since with a host of Mercedes, Fords, Peugeots and Nissans being among the list of family cars over the last few years.”


What drew you to leasing in the first place?

“It was the flexibility that first drew me to leasing. In my case this was originally down to the limited company car selection of a previous employer, but more than a decade later this point rings true. It’s the most flexible form of new car finance.

You can choose your mileage, initial payment and how long you want the vehicle for. Changing cars every few years when a lease comes to an end also gets you the bonus of having the latest the car industry has to offer – something that’s becoming even more important as plug-in hybrid vehicles and EVs advance.”


“It’s also been ideal being able to swap cars with a family – our cars quite literally grew with us, with a Nissan X-Trail and Peugeot 5008 being two of our family vehicle of choice over the last few years.

I’ve also had some second-hand, which I can only describe as the worst decision ever. We had endless problems, with me shelling out for a clutch, fuel filter and power steering repairs on one particular model. By leasing you negate the drawbacks of running an older car.”


So what are you leasing now?

“Well my interest in electrified vehicles intensified a while ago, and for several years we’ve been running at least one plug-in vehicle. Currently you’ll find a Ford Kuga Hybrid and Seat Mii Electric on our drive.

They’re both fantastic at their respective uses and demonstrate how far plug-in vehicles have moved on in recent times. As for the next lease, I’m really liking the look of the Volkswagen ID.4.”


We know you work for Rightcharge now, but how did you find going electric?

“Leasing an EV might be easy way to get one on your drive, but I know the charging aspect still might have some people pondering if they’re ready to switch just yet. That was originally the case for me anyway.

Before my interest in electrified vehicles kind of reached the point of wanting to work in the business, I didn’t have a clue. It was a few years ago when information wasn’t as readily available and EVs were still few and far between on the road. Things had moved on significantly when we got our second plug-in vehicle, but some pressing questions remained. Would it affect my energy bill? What’s the best tariff for home charging? Will my home be able to handle two electric vehicles charging at once?

If I’d known about Rightcharge at the time, my journey would have been much smoother. The information it gave me regarding charging, as well as the ability to compare chargers and tariffs was very useful and answered my concerns. In fact it was one of the reasons behind joining the team – I want to make things as easy as possible for consumers as EVs and PHEVs continue to grow their share of the new car market and become the norm.”

Colin Hennessey case study 1

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Thanks for that. Anything else you’d like to say?

“Well, plug-in vehicles are the fastest-growing form of new car on the market, and leasing is the fastest growing form of financing them. I think that speaks for itself.

It was a smart choice to lease all those years ago, and that remains the case today – particularly as plug-in tech accelerates year-on-year. It’s been great to partner up with to ensure the best car charging comparison site goes hand-in-hand with the best lease deal comparison site. I can’t wait to get the ID.4 – in fact I might have a quick browse of deals right now!”

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