Holy cow, Skoda has wrapped a Superb in leather!

Cows, look away, one of your friends may be in these pictures. What you’re seeing here is the new Skoda Superb, covered tip-to-tail in luxury leather.

Skoda Superb leather Florence Uni 2015 bonnet and grille

Skoda Superb

2.0 TDI CR SE L Executive 5dr DSG [7 Speed]

  • Profile:
  • 9+35
  • Mileage:
  • 8k Miles p/a


Per Month, INC VAT

Initial Payment: £2,267.91

Personal Leasing Deal by: DSG Auto Contracts Ltd

Superb leasing deals: business / personal

‘What’s the beef?’ you ask, ‘who would do such a thing?’. Students, that’s who.

Jozef Kaban, who led design for the moo new Superb, tasked students from Florence University with dressing the large executive saloon’s exterior while incorporating influences from the local area.

Because the Italian city is renowned for its leather and the founding place of fashion brands Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, this leather-clad beauty is the result. The interior remained unchanged during the project.

The car is currently in storage at Skoda’s Czech headquarters in Mlada Boleslav with no plans for it to go on official display, a spokesperson for Skoda confirmed.

There are no intentions for Skoda to wrap any more of its cars in dead cow skin either. Cleanse your palate with our top five cars for vegetarians.

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Skoda Superb leather Florence Uni 2015 front three quarters

Skoda Superb leather Florence Uni 2015 (4)

Skoda Superb leather Florence Uni 2015 student with knife

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