Mercedes EQE SUV revealed in full

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Author: | Updated: 17 Oct 2022 11:03

Say hello to the all-new Mercedes EQE SUV – a larger higher version of the luxury EQE Saloon.

Featuring a high-tech platform and available as a seriously quick AMG EQ car, here’s everything you need to know.

Mercedes EQE SUV lead

Mercedes EQE SUV fast facts

  • Styling mirrors the saloon, but adds SUV proportions
  • 90kWh battery offers up to 340 miles of range
  • Stunning Hyperscreen infotainment offered
  • AMG EQ 53 gets 687hp
  • Supports fast charging of up to 170kW

Mercedes EQE SUV and saloon

Mercedes EQE SUV styling

As the name suggests, this is an SUV variation of the stunning EQE Saloon, and as such lots of its styling cues mirror that of the low-slung model. Up front there’s a large grille design with a huge Mercedes emblem, just like the saloon. However being an SUV, it’s flatter than its sibling, and also incorporates a number of extra flanks and bulges.

Being a taller car means that side-on, the windows are larger and the whole car is raised in comparison with the saloon. The rear gets the same full-width lightbar design, although again its flatter hatchback design makes this a more practical vehicle.

Mercedes EQE SUV  Hyperscreen

Mercedes EQE SUV interior and tech

The outside might offer stunning looks, but things really turn up a notch when you enter the cabin. Just like the EQE Saloon and larger EQS range, this SUV gets a seriously luxurious interior with leather and soft-touch trim pieces abounding at every touchpoint.

The stand-out feature is obviously that futuristic Hyperscreen dashboard, which is available on range-topping models. It spans the full width of the car, merging three displays seamlessly into one. The system uses an incredibly clever logic and camera system that recognises where on the screen the driver is looking.

The system naturally comes kitted out with satnav. It features Electric Intelligence, and can even calculate the estimated charging costs per charging stop while you’re on a journey. Unlike the larger EQS SUV, the EQE doesn’t feature a seven-seat option.

Mercedes EQE SUV interior

Mercedes EQE SUV drivetrain

Details on the standard EQE SUV models are to be confirmed, although we know it’ll be available in single and dual-motor guise. Performance stats are to be confirmed, although it gets a 90kWh battery – enough to offer up to 342 miles of range.

That’s around 40 miles further than the EQE Saloon can manage, although it features the same 170kW fast-charging system as its sibling. This means you can expect an 80% charge to be delivered in around 20 minutes.

Perhaps the most intriguing detail so far is that it’ll be available as a hot AMG model. This model will produce 950Nm of torque and 687hp (626hp if you don’t opt for Dynamic Plus Package) – the result is a 0-62mph time of just 3.5 seconds.

Mercedes EQE SUV rear

Mercedes EQE SUV release date and pricing

There’s no information on UK prices or deliveries yet, but we reckon it will cost from around £80,000 when it arrives in 2023, rising to more than £100,000 for the fiery AMG variant.

We’ll bring you leasing plans and further info as and when it’s revealed. In the meantime, you can check out Mercedes lease deals right now by hitting the button below.

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