The A to Z of electric vans: Every model available to lease right now

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Author: | Updated: 22 Jun 2023 15:38

Electric vehicles are hitting the market thick and fast, and it’s not just passenger cars that is embracing this new technology. There’s now a brace of all-electric commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes available to lease.

Electric van a to z

Following hot on the heels of our A to Z of electric cars, we thought we’d do the same for vans. So, without further ado, here is every single electrified van that’s available on right now. We’ve included the key info you need to know, including range, cargo capacity and payload*.

What electric vans are available right now?

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Citroen Ami Cargo


Range: 46 miles

Capacity: 260 litres

Payload limit: 140kg

We’ll kick things off with a rather strange one – the Ami Cargo. That’s right, you can order Citroen’s quadricycle as a cargo carrier. Admittedly its natural limitations make it sensible only for smaller businesses that don’t require a lot of room.

It’s not the most practical, with a capacity of just 260 litres and a payload of 140kg. Because of its diminutive size and side opening door, it’s not the easiest to load or unload either. But as a quirky city-friendly delivery vehicle, it can make perfect sense.

Compare Citroen Ami Cargo lease deals

Citroen E-Berlingo 07740 583906

Range: 130 miles

Capacity: 3.3 cubic metres (L1)

Payload limit: 803kg

Coming in a variety of sizes (L1 or L2), the e-Berlingo is a clever electric van; despite those battery packs, cargo space is no less than you get in the diesel variant.

It’s also a really practical size and more akin to driving a car than an unwieldly van. Its payload stands at just over 800kg, although that is somewhat down on the diesel variant’s 1,000kg effort – a common theme with electric vans, but not the end of the world for most people.

Compare Citroen e-Berlingo lease deals

Citroen E-Dispatch

e-DispatchFront (1)

Range: 211 miles (75kWh)

Capacity: 6.6 cubic metres (XL)

Payload: 1,000kg

If you need a little more space and payload than the Berlingo, the e-Dispatch is the go-to choice. It’s still rather car-like to drive, and gets a boost in range too thanks to a 75kWh battery option.

Underneath, it actually borrows its platform from the Peugeot 3008, making it an exceptionally smooth and comfortable vehicle to drive, too.

Compare Citroen e-Dispatch lease deals

Citroen E-Relay 07740 583906

Range: 154 miles

Capacity: 15 cubic metres

Payload: 1,150kg

The e-Relay is the largest van in the Citroen range and is available in a wide variety of body styles. In its largest form, it can carry up to 15 cubic metres of cargo, while its payload is an impressive 1,150kg (among the best for an electric van).

The new version also features the 75kWh battery featured in the e-Dispatch, but its range remains lower due to its extra bulk and weight. That said, 150+ miles is still impressive for a vehicle of this size.

Compare Citroen e-Relay lease deals

Ford E-Transit Custom

Ford Pro Reveals Exciting Next Phase of Electrification Journey with All-New, All-Electric E-Transit Custom

Range: 236 miles

Capacity: 5.8 Cubic Metres

Payload: 1,100kg

Say hello to the Transit Custom – the smaller and more manageable version of Ford’s iconic van. The company is really upping the ante with its electric commercials, with a raft of further models expected to arrive by the end of this year.

The E-Transit Custom will also benefit from one of the best ranges in its class, at 236 miles. A 74kWh battery can be charged at up to 125kW, while you can choose whether you want 130hp or a more potent 210hp version.

Compare Ford Transit Custom lease deals

Ford E-Transit


Range: 196 miles

Capacity: 15.1 cubic metres

Payload: 1,758kg

The larger Ford E-Transit is available to order in a range of body styles, and with 1,758kg of payload capacity, it’s among the best electric load luggers out there.

Officially capable of up to 196 miles between charges, it’s affordable too, undercutting many rivals while outdoing them when it comes to the drive.

Compare Ford Transit lease deals

Fiat E-Doblo

e Doblo

Range: 173 miles

Capacity: 6.6 cubic metres

Payload: 800kg

Now falling under the Stellantis umbrella, the E-Doblo uses a tried and trusted platform shared with the Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner.

Two sizes are available, as well as two trim levels. That platform means that it gets an 800kg payload (depending on spec) putting it among the best in its class.

Compare Fiat e-Doblo lease deals

Fiat E-Ducato


Range: 175 miles

Capacity: 13.8 cubic metres

Payload: 800kg

Available in an innumerable number of body styles, the E-Ducato is Fiat’s largest electric van and is capable of up to 175 between charges.

Thanks to that electric platform, running costs are as low as you’d expect, although with a 90kW motor producing around 122hp, it’s not the swiftest vehicle on this list.

Compare Fiat e-Ducato lease deals

Fiat E-Scudo


Range: 205 miles

Capacity: 6.6 cubic metres

Payload: 1,226kg

Like the other vans in its range, Fiat’s E-Scudo is closely related to a number of other commercials including the Citroen E-Dispatch. If you’re looking for an electric van that can muster more than 1,000kg in payload, you’re really spoilt for choice.

Its 205-mile range is only on offer if you opt for the 75kWh though – choose the 50kWh and range drops to 143 miles.

Compare Fiat e-Scudo lease deals

Iveco eDaily

Iveco Daily

Range: 146 miles

Capacity: 20 cubic metres

Payload: Up to 4,000kg

Sitting on a well-proven platform, the eDaily is Iveco’s answer to the electric van. It’s certainly got an impressive payload and cargo capacity, but its batteries and charging time aren’t quite on par with some similarly sized rivals.

It provides an impressive drive though, and is even available with a clever adaptable suspension system to help keep the driver as comfortable as possible.

Compare Iveco eDaily lease deals



Range: 304 miles

Cpacity: 5.5 cubic metres

Payload: 830kg

Recognise the LEVC? That’s because it’s based on the latest black cab. It’s the first foray into commercial vehicles for the brand, but being based on the famous London taxi means it gets a clever range-extender drivetrain capable of more than 300 miles.

Whole its capacity can’t compete with some, payload-wise it’s a great alternative to more mainstream manufacturers.

Compare LEVC VN5 lease deals

Maxus eDeliver 3


Range: 220 miles

Capacity: 4.8 cubic metres

Payload: 1226kg

The looks of the Maxus Deliver 3 might not be the most appealing, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck. Range stands at 220 miles, while its payload is among the best in its class.

If you’re wondering where the Maxus brand comes from, it’s actually the same company that produced LDV vans – it’s simply taken on a new name since it was bought out by a Chinese company in 2010.

Compare Maxus eDeliver 3 lease deals

Maxus eDeliver 9


Range: 220 miles

Capacity: 12.9 cubic metres

Payload: 1,390kg

If the Deliver 3 is a little too small, how about the 9? There’s a variety of body styles to choose from, while its electric range can match that of its smaller sibling – something not all large vans can manage.

Payload is also impressive for an electric commercial of this size, and its electric drivetrain makes it smooth and easy to drive. There’s only one downside – its top speed is limited to 62mph.

Compare Maxus eDeliver 9 lease deals

Maxus T90

Maxus T90

Range: 220 miles

Capacity: 1.5 cubic metres

Payload: 1,000kg

The T90 by Maxus is the UK’s very first fully electric pick-up. Where you’d normally find a torquey diesel, you’ll instead be greeted by an electrical system that features an 88.6kWh battery and two motors to give it four-wheel drive propulsion.

It also has ground clearance aplenty, to make sure it can compete with the best in class when the going gets tough. Its 220-mile range is impressive too, while the T90 features a car-like interior with a 10.25in infotainment touchscreen and quality trim.

Compare Maxus T90 lease deals

Mercedes e-Vito


Range: 162 miles

Capacity: 6.6 cubic metres

Payload: 807kg

Mercedes has long had a reputation for producing some of the best vans on the market, and the e-Vito is the latest addition to its line-up. Its 100% electric drivetrain can now manage 162 miles between charges – a big improvement compared with the original electric Vito released a few years ago.

A variety of sizes are available, with a payload offering of up to 923kg for the larger vehicles. With 360Nm of torque on offer, it’s also one of the quickest electric vans off the line.

Compare Mercedes e-Vito lease deals

Mercedes e-Sprinter


Range: 96 miles.

Capacity: 14 cubic metres

Payload: 1,045kg

The e-Sprinter is designed to compete with the largest of electric vans including the Citroen e-Relay and Peugeot e-Boxer. On the size front, it does just that. But when it comes to range, things aren’t quite as impressive.

However, its hallmark Mercedes quality is present in spades, and the cabin and electric hardware is very well integrated and easy to operate.

Compare Mercedes e-Sprinter lease deals

Nissan Townstar


Range: 183 miles

Capacity: 4.3 cubic metres

Payload: 800kg

The Townstar is the first Nissan van designed to be powered by electric power. With two variants on offer, it offers the perfect blend of usable range and a practical load bay.

It’s also one of the most affordable electric vans on the market, too.

Compare Nissan Townstar lease deals

Peugeot e-Boxer

HERO (2)

Range: 154 miles

Capacity: 15 cubic metres

Payload: 1,150kg

The e-Boxer is Peugeot’s equivalent of the Citroen e-Relay, and as such its specs are very similar. Smooth and quiet to drive, two battery options are available.

The larger of the two can offer up to 154 miles from a single charge, although the smaller 37kWh battery pack can only manage 73 miles – for that reason we’d always opt for the larger 75kWh pack.

Compare Peugeot e-Boxer lease deals

Peugeot e-Expert

expert electric

Range: 205 miles

Capacity: 6 cubic metres

Payload: 1,001kg

The Peugeot e-Expert is a good all-rounder for those looking for a medium sized van. Car-like levels of refinement are offered, with tonnes of safety kit as standard too.

With more than 200miles of range offered from the largest battery option, it’s one of the more practical options on that front too.

Compare Peugeot e-Expert lease deals

Peugeot e-Partner

e-Partner Peugeot

Range: 171 miles

Capacity: 4.4 cubic metres

Payload: 800kg

With quick charging, an 800kg payload and two sizes available, the e-Partner might sound famililar. That’s because it’s based on the same platform as cars like the e-Berlingo.

One difference is that the Peugeot includes the brand’s i-Cockpit as standard, which is fantastic to use once you get the hang of it, but not necessarily the set-up that everyone will prefer.

Compare Peugeot e-partner lease deals

Renault Kangoo E-Tech

Kangoo Electric

Range: 143 miles

Capacity: 4.2 cubic metres

Payload: 764kg

The Kangoo was one of the first small electric vans, and the new version ensures it remains competitive. That said, range, load capacity and payload all fall a little short of some key rivals.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good choice – the smoothness of its electric motor and distinct drive modes make it a peasant and comfortable vehicle to drive.

Compare Renault Kangoo E-Tech lease deals

Renault Master E-Tech


Range: 126 miles

Capacity: 13 Cubic metres

Payload: 1,308kg

The Renault Master E-Tech now features a larger battery, with its 52kWh unit now capable of offering up to 126 miles of range. A little like the Kangoo, this isn’t quite enough to compete with the best in class.

A host of bosy styles are on offer, with the largest offering 13 cubic metres of storage capacity and a payload of 1,308kg.

Compare Renault Master E-Tech lease deals

Toyota Proace Electric

Toyota Proace Electric

Range: 205 miles

Capacity: 5.8 cubic metres

Payload: 1,000kg

The Toyota Proace is another carbon copy of vehicles like the Peugeot e-Expert. So you can expect similar levels of comfort, practicality and range.

However, only one trim level is currently available, which might put some off. Like all Stellantis vans that used this platform, you can choose between a 50kWh or 75kWh battery, the latter providing more than 200 miels of range.

Compare Toyota Proace lease deals

Vauxhall Combo Electric

Combo Electric

Range: 175 miles

Capacity: 3.9 cubic metres

Payload: 803kg

The Combo Electric is Vauxhall’s smallest van feature electrification. At the moment, its 50kWh battery provides 171 miles of range according to the official figures, while it can be charged at a speed of up to 125kW ensuring recharge time to 80% is less than half an hour.

Range isn’t quite as impressive as alternatives from Citroen and Peugeot, but its cargo capacity and payload is the same.

Compare Vauxhall Combo Electric lease deals

Vauxhall Movano Electric

Vauxhall Movano E

Range: 154 miles

Capacity: 17 cubic metres

Payload: 2,100kg

With more than 150 miles of range, a two-tonne payload and 17 cubic metres of space, the Movano Electric is a seriously impressive large van.

Its 122hp electric motor might not sound very powerful, but its 260Nm of torque ensures it can compete with the diesel variant when it comes to pulling power.

Compare Vauxhall Movano Electric lease deals

Vauxhall Vivaro Electric

Vauxhall Vivaro E

Range: 205 miles

Capacity: 6.6 cubic metres

Payload: 1,226kg

Another close relative of the Peugeot e-Partner, you can expect the Vivaro Electric to act and drive very similarly. Available with two battery packs, the parker 75kWh unit gives you a range of more than 205 miles.

Three drive modes help you eek out as much power as possible, while its platform ensures a very car-like driving experience.

Compare Vauxhall Vivaro Electric lease deals

Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter

Range: 82 miles

Capacity: 6.7 cubic metres

Payload: 1,071kg

The good old Volkswagen Transporter has been a firm favourite for years, but the electric variant is showing its age a little in the range stakes. We’d advise looking elsewhere until there’s an updated variant, or consider the snazzy new ID.Buzz Cargo.

Compare Volkswagen Transporter lease deals

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

VW ID Buzz Cargo

Range: 258 miles

Capacity: 3.9 cubic metres

Payload: 607kg

The ID.Buzz Cargo is a unique kind of commercial vehicle. Despite its iconic throwback styling, under the skin is a seriously impressive drivetrain, although due to its size the payload and capacity mean it won’[t be for everyone.

The stylish cabin takes elements straight from the ID.3 passenger car, making it a seriously refined cruiser. With the largest battery pack fitted, you can expect north of 250 miles between charges, making it one of the most usable electrified commercials to date.

Compare ID.Buzz lease deals

*Range, payload and capacity varies depending on variant, specification and trim level.

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