Five reasons the Ora 03 should make your supermini shortlist in 2024

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Author: | Updated: 23 Feb 2024 11:49

The EV market is a difficult one to judge at times, but one thing is for certain; leasing is offering the most cost-effective way to drive a brand-new model.

With lower initial rentals and monthly payments than other forms of finance, the difference in outgoings when compared to internal combustion engined models is surprisingly small.

But sometimes deals come along that blow everything else out of the water. One such model making waves at the moment is the newly named Ora 03. Here’s why you should have this supermini on your shortlist in 2024.


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1. Monthly payments are seriously affordable

Let’s cut straight to it: the Ora 03 is affordable. Really affordable. With personal lease deals starting from around £150 per month, there is little else in its class that can compete for a pure value proposition.

Whether it is similarly-sized EVs or budget petrol hatchbacks, there is little else out there for that kind of monthly payment. And if you thought it’s because the Ora is “cheap”, then you’d be wrong.

The interior feels every bit as well put together as pricier rivals and, with an official range of 193 miles, it comes close (or beats) much pricier electric alternatives like the Fiat 500 E (which has an official range of 199 miles).

The difference? The 70kW 500e is priced from around £250 per month. Over the course of a two-year lease, that’s around £2,400 you could save by leasing an Ora instead of its closest rival.

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2. Initial rentals are seriously affordable

Sometimes lease deals can offer great monthly savings, but will require you to put a larger six or nine-month deposit upfront to make it affordable. Not the case with the Ora.

Let’s take a look at the deals. At the time or writing* there are more than 500 one-month upfront deals available, which start from just £195.12.

That makes the Ora a tempting proposition for those that don’t want to pay a larger upfront initial rental. Over the course of a two-year lease at that price, you’ll pay just £4,682.88.

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Compare Ora lease deals

3. It’s larger than you might think

So, we said the Ora’s main rival is the electric Fiat 500. But what if we told you that proportionally, this car is actually longer than a Corsa, and only a few centimetres short of the Volkswagen Golf?

This is a practical family hatchback with an interior that feels more spacious than most. The clutter-free dash and deep centre console help further this effect, while the suede-like material gives everything a genuinely premium feel.


4. Its EV range is competitive compared with rivals

Despite its affordability, the Ora 03 doesn’t compromise on range. There’s a 48kWh battery as standard, while a larger 63kWh battery is also on offer. But even the smaller choice packs a punch for its size.

Official range stands at 193 miles. To put that into perspective, the 42kWh Fiat 500 Electric can manage 199 miles, while 145 miles is more achievable day to day. That means in the real world, the Ora will manage around the same.

Another rival – the Mini Electric – has a range of just 145 miles on a full charge. That really gives you an idea of the value currently on offer with this Ora.

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5. It’s got a new name

Ok, perhaps not the most important point here. But it’s true: The Ora 03 was previously known as the Funky Cat. Funky as it was, we (and we think potential consumers too) think the 03 is a nameplate that’s much easier to get behind.

It’s also worth noting that the 03’s producers, GWM, isn’t a new brand. It has actually been making vehicles since 1974, and we’ve seen some of its commercial offerings on UK streets before.

We know the styling won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but if you’re in the market for an affordable EV that offers serious bragging rights when it comes to monthly pricing and outright value, the Ora 03 should be on your shortlist.

Compare Ora lease deals

*Prices correct at the time of writing, images for illustrative purposes only, lease rates can change at any time.

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