Leasing.com Awards 2024: Shortlists confirmed

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Author: | Updated: 22 Mar 2024 11:52

Leasing.com is thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural Leasing.com Awards 2024, which recognises and celebrates excellence across the automotive and leasing industries.

An industry leader, Leasing.com has an illustrious history in the sector, bringing consumers the best lease deals on the widest range of vehicles for more than two decades. We’ve worked tirelessly to foster partnerships with some of the most renowned leasing providers, brokers and manufacturers.

Leasing.com Awards 2024

In addition to the Leasing.com Car of the Year Award, a winner will also be chosen from the following categories, which include the top contenders in each respective segment:

  • Best Value Lease Car
  • Best Business Lease Car
  • Best Commercial Vehicle
  • Best Electric Vehicle
  • Best Leasing Newcomer

The shortlists make up a number of key segments of the leasing market, and acknowledge the most exceptional vehicles that have driven our industry forward over the last 12 months

Best Value Lease Car

Leasing.com Best Value Lease Car 2024

    • GMW Ora 03
    • Vauxhall Corsa
    • Peugeot 408

    We know a thing or two about value. Our unique value score formula gives consumers a look at just how good a deal they are getting.

    Combining our data with our expertise on what’s hot and what’s not on the new car market, here are the three models that have provided the best value proposition in recent times.

    Best Business Lease

    Leasing.com Best Business Lease 2024

      • Tesla Model Y
      • Ford Ranger
      • BMW iX

      Businesses often have unique requirements when it comes to lease vehicles. In 2024, that means enticing BiK rates and usable electric range among many other considerations. Here’s our top three contenders for our business lease car of the year.

      Best Commercial Vehicle

      Leasing.com Commercial Vehicle 2024

        • Toyota Hilux
        • Ford Ranger
        • Nissan Townstar

        For those requiring a practical, useful vehicle, this category showcases vehicles that excel on the leasing market when it comes to cargo capacity and versatility.

        Best Electric Vehicle

        Leasing.com Best Electric Vehicle 2024

          • Tesla Model Y
          • BMW i4
          • MG 4

          The transition towards electric vehicles has been gaining momentum, and the market for pure electric vehicles continues to grow – especially on the leasing market. With all manufacturers now offering a range of EVs, there’s one brand that’s been shining through particularly strongly on Leasing.com.

          Best Leasing Newcomer

          Leasing.com Best Newcomer 2024

            • Subaru Solterra
            • Volkswagen ID.Buzz
            • Cupra Born

              This category celebrates cars and manufacturers that have seen impressive growth on the leasing market. Whether it’s through their keen pricing, excellent driving experience or a mixture of the two, these cars might not be the most popular overall, but they’ve certainly been making waves on the leasing market.

              Leasing.com Car of the Year

              Leasing.com Car of the Year

              • Tesla Model Y
              • Cupra Formentor
              • Nissan Qashqai

              Our Car of the Year category shortlist has been created using a mixture of our own data. All three of these cars have had an exceptionally successful year on the leasing market, offer consumers the latest and greatest in tech, safety and efficiency.

              Partner Awards

              As well as celebrating the best products, we also appreciate the backbone of our sector is made up of the leasing deal providers who connect consumers with these products.

              Leasing.com works with a range of partners to provide consistent full-market coverage across personal and business leasing.

              We’ll be naming a winner from each of the following categories:

                • Funder of the Year
                • Manufacturer of the Year
                • Dealer of the Year
                • Broker of the Year
                • Customer Service Broker of the Year

                When will the winners be announced?

                  These awards recognise standout vehicles of the year across key segments within the leasing sector, with our aim being to highlight the cars that have truly set the industry standard.

                    We’ll announce the category winners and crown our Car of the Year 2024 on April 17th. Keep your eyes peeled on our newsfeed.

                      In the meantime, compare any of the shortlisted models right now by hitting the button below and jumping straight into deals.

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