Leasing.com extends Macclesfield FC stadium sponsorship in a club record-breaking six-figure deal

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Author: | Updated: 07 Dec 2023 16:30

Ever since its inception, the name of Leasing.com has been synonymous with the rise of Macclesfield FC.

Not only were Leasing.com the club’s very first sponsor, but the company’s passion and loyalty saw it secure the club’s most prized asset - naming rights to the rapidly transforming stadium.

Both parties are delighted to confirm that their productive and high-profile partnership has been extended for another three years in a club record-breaking six-figure deal.


This means that Macclesfield FC’s phenomenal home will continue to be named the Leasing.com Stadium at least until the end of the 2026/27 campaign.

Everyone at the club is delighted that this deal has been concluded so early, with Head of Commercial and Sponsorships Bob Trafford stating: “I am so pleased that Leasing.com will continue to be our Stadium Sponsor after we agreed a record-breaking three-year extension to their existing deal.

"There can be no doubt that Leasing.com have etched their name into the overall narrative of Macclesfield FC since they became our first-ever sponsor.

"From a commercial point of view, their commitment has been second to none, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that we have managed to extend this highly cherished partnership for another three seasons.

"On a personal level, I would like to thank both Dave and Louise Timmis for their unwavering support and friendship since I embarked on my current role and I look forward to taking our partnership here at Macclesfield FC to the next level over the next three years.

Director Robert Smethurst commented: “Extending Leasing.com's Stadium Sponsorship was incredibly importantly to me on a number of different levels.

"Not only is the record-breaking deal a forward-thinking one, it also respects the loyalty which Leasing.com have shown to us since day one.

"The fact that this has been agreed so early tells it's own story and I would like to thank everyone at Leasing.com for their unwavering belief in all that we are trying to achieve here at Macclesfield FC."

Leasing.com Founder Dave Timmis added: “We recognise the fact that Macclesfield FC is a very special Football Club in the midst of telling a unique story.

"Engrained within the local community, the progress that the Club have made since their inception is truly staggering.

"We remain truly humbled to have been the Club's first sponsor and are excited to have extended this deal to span until the end of the 2026/27 campaign.

"Macclesfield FC means a great deal to all of us here at Leasing.com and by making this renewed commitment, we are backing the Club to continue the upward trajectory that has captivated us all."

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