Toyota bZ4X | What sets this EV apart from the rest?

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The Toyota bZ4X is an important car for Toyota. It’s the brand’s first EV, and paves the way for an all-new generation of electric cars. With range of up to 318 miles, all whilst emitting zero tailpipe emissions, it’s not hard to see why this is a significant car.

Its technology, quality and performance are founded on Toyota’s world-leading experience in electrified vehicle technology; a heritage that spans more than a quarter of a century.

Toyota bZ4X front shot driving

Why the bZ4X?

Enjoy the freedom to go wherever the road takes you with Toyota bZ4X and leave zero emissions behind at the tailpipe. Highly responsive, it offers you acceleration and torque when you need it. Thanks to its outstanding all-wheel drive capabilities?, Toyota bZ4X provides a truly seamless driving experience.

Bold and effortlessly stylish, the Toyota bZ4X is equally at home in the city and the great outdoors. The cutting-edge sleek silhouette of an electric vehicle meets the confident and imposing presence of an SUV, resulting in a unique statement design.

Toyota bZ4X stylish front headlight details

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In need of a vehicle that delivers for you at work and at home? The bZ4X delivers all the legroom you need for rear seat passengers, with surprising boot space up to 452 litres. An array of accessories such as roof bars are also on offer, to boost practicality further.

Whilst the open and spacious cabin with home-like comfort makes travelling to work comfortable, the impressive range and public charging networks help to accommodate commuting requirements.

Toyota bZ4X driving side profile

The Toyota bZ4X has been designed to deliver a range of up to 318 miles* on a single full charge. Toyota has drawn on more than 25 years’ experience in electrified vehicle battery technology to ensure the new lithium-ion unit in the Toyota bZ4X has superb durability and reliability.

The Toyota bZ4X comes with Toyota Safety Sense as standard, it’s your helpful driving partner. It comes with a range of safety equipment specification including a pre-collision system, lane departure assist, road sign assist with speed limiter, automatic high beam, blind spot monitoring and more.

Toyota bZ4X charging plugged in

Compare Toyota bZ4X lease deals

Easy charging options. As standard.

Toyota bZ4X provides confidence to go wherever the road takes you. When you need to recharge, there are three options available:

Rapid public charging

Rapid public chargers can be found in a number of locations. Use the Zap Map tool or there is also the MyToyota app. to find your nearest one. These highly efficient chargers are the quickest way to charge your electric vehicle.

Toyota bZ4X charging lead in the boot

Fast charging through a home or public charger

These dedicated units are much quicker to charge than a domestic socket. With Toyota bZ4X, you can reach full recharge in around 6.5 (with an 11kW public wall box) - 10 hours^. Public chargers can be found in carparks and workplaces, you can even install one at home.

Slow charging

You can even plug your Toyota bZ4X into a domestic socket, this is the slowest way to charge, but can be convenient for when you need a top up.

Toyota bZ4X infotainment and dashboard

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Maximising your range

Whether you’re driving a plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicle, there are some simple things to consider when managing your range:

  • Outside Temperature - Be aware that the weather can affect the range of your vehicle and it may need charging more often in cold temperatures.
  • ‘Eco’ mode and electronics - As with most vehicles now, activating ‘Eco’ mode will prioritise economy over performance to enhance range. To maximise your range with battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, you can set your air conditioning whilst still plugged in.
  • Where and how you drive - Just like a petrol or diesel, where and how you drive can affect your total range. You will be able to travel more miles on a charge with smoother driving or on the motorway, compared to city driving with lots of stopping and starting.
  • Charge often - To maximise battery life, charge your electric vehicle whenever you have the chance whether you are at home or on the go. It makes the most of your time.
  • Driving style - Your driving style can affect your range too. Maintain sufficient vehicle to vehicle distance to avoid accelerating or decelerating unnecessarily.

Toyota bZ4X boot badge

Toyota bZ4X Regeneration Boost: built-in range booster

Every bZ4X is fitted with a Regeneration Boost button. Push it, and you can drive the car using just the accelerator pedal. Simply, depress it to go faster, or lift off to slow down (to bring the car to a complete stop you will need to depress the brake pedal).

Regeneration Boost activates a system that uses the electric motor to slow the car down, instead of the brakes, in a way that feels natural.

Another benefit is that Regeneration Boost re-captures braking energy that would normally be wasted, putting it back into the battery of the bZ4X. This advanced energy recovery system means you can go even further between charges.

When Regeneration Boost is selected, the Multi information display confirms it.

Toyota bZ4X driving rear profile

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You can still apply the brake at any time in this mode and for gentler deceleration, lift your foot off the accelerator slowly. Release the accelerator slowly for gentler deceleration, while fully depressing the brake to bring the bZ4X to a complete stop.

To protect the battery, the mode does not function when the battery is almost full. So, Regeneration Boost makes driving easier, more of a pleasure and intuitive, and even adds charge to your battery.

Ready to find a bZ4X lease deal?

The bZ4X is one of the best EV options if you’re looking to blend range, practicality and impressive technology into a single package. You can compare lease prices right now by hitting the button below, where you’ll be able to refine your lease deal and find a package that works for you.

Compare Toyota bZ4X lease deals

* 318-mile range for the Pure FWD grade only. Electric range figures are provided for comparability purposes and can vary depending on factors such as selected grade and transmission, accessories fitted (post registration), driving style, weather conditions, speed or vehicle load. It is best to only compare electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect your real-life driving results.

?All-Wheel Drive is an option available on Motion and Vision grades

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